Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Friendly little excerpt...

The creator of this world (Mr. Carter) has decided to, from time to time, drop the occasional excerpt from his latest writings and expansions of this incredible layer of dimensions.

It may be a quote from a character, or a scene description, or (if we are lucky) a peek inside the brain of our favorite character ROMY MALLOY.

Here is today's drop -- a scene from the first novel BRILLIANT DISGUISE:

Candace Covey was absolutely gorgeous, and under other circumstances Romy probably would have hated her. Compared to Romy’s five-foot-eight one-hundred-fifteen pound body topped by long light brown hair with blonde streaks, Candy was Aphrodite. But, Candy was the best tech-assistant in St. Louis, bar none. Romy walked back toward her and gently took her by the elbow to stop her before she made it too close to the ambulance. Candy raised her eyebrow and twisted her lips to the left. Romy made a mental note to ask about the perfume Candy was wearing. As if it wasn’t enough to look perfect, Candy smelled perfect too.
  “Uh-oh... what now?” Candy said in a conspiratorial whisper.

I hope you enjoyed that!

Jarboe out...

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