Friday, January 27, 2012

New header

So this is a temporary header until my illustrator gets her picture completed.


So this is just a place holder...

Waiting patiently...

Oh, and the pic from my illustrator will also be the cover for the eBook.

Did I mention I am being patient...

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Excerpt.. Book One, Page One

The fog did not move.
Roughly the shape and size of a man and wispy white, it stood about thirty yards back down the row he had just plowed. William Deane rubbed his eyes, thinking that maybe he had kicked up too much dust.
But when he looked back the fog was still there.

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Entry for a fiction contest

Hey all.

Here is a quick exercise I did for a fiction contest on an agent's site. We were given five words to use in a 100 word or less post (I get a free book if I win!) heehee.

Please read below. Oh, and go to Janet Reid's site if you want to see the others.

I spent all day Saturday nursing her back from the chasm. I mean, I knew it was only temporary. It’s not like she was going to hop up Monday morning and jump right back into the chaos of her job. But it was a reprieve. Brief, but a reprieve.
The fold of the blanket covered most of her face from the late afternoon sunlight, but I could tell her skin was still red with fever. She would not last much longer. I bent down and kissed her brow, brushing back her hair one last time. And then I left.

Friday, January 20, 2012

Pen Name

OK, so call me lazy but I REALLY do not want to mess with the hassle of a pseudonym. Taxes, copyrights, etc, etc... too much crap.

So, going with my real name for the books. So be it -- everyone knew it was me anyway ;-)


Philip McCord

A brilliant writer has a blog you should check out...

Philip McCord's Site

The Epic Fantasy novels THE PLOTTERS OF CANTAERA are said to be soon released in eBook format.

You should definitely check this out.

Jarboe out...



Somehow we had the COMMENTS turned off.

It is back on now so comment away!

(huddled in the corner, shivering for fear of what might be said...)


Pardon the construction...

Pardon the construction...

I will be making some structural changes to the blog today.


Thursday, January 19, 2012


The process of splitting the epic story into three parts has begun!

And I have to say, this is a BIG project.

However, I have made considerable progress. It's incredible, now that I actually look at it in tertiary format, that this really IS a trilogy already. The breaks were easy to spot, and I believe the story will still flow as expected. There is one thing, though... there will be cliffhangers! You have been warned.

So far Book One looks to be almost 300 pages with about 70K words. Pretty stout on its own.

And, it brings us all the way from Ves-Jin to the border of The Skeinlands just outside of Stanton.

A great road trip!

That's all for now.

May all your days be lived under the Sun!

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Who is William Deane?

This will be answered...

A beginning...

It's hard to believe, but the epic fantasy novel THE PLOTTERS OF CANTAERA, by Philip McCord is nearly FIVE years old!

So, a decision has been reached.

Traditional publishing channels be damned!

THE PLOTTERS OF CANTAERA will be released as a three part e-book!

Details are still forth coming, so stay tuned to The Plotters blog.

"Under the sun, my friend!"

Sunday, January 15, 2012


Recently I have been thinking a lot about structure. Mostly because I am starting on my next book, but inevitably I am also tempted by the "New Years" review&refocus process (I refuse to call it "resolution").

There have been about 6 or 7 new ideas floating around lately. Some are continuations of other stories I have written, some are rehashes of stories I have once heard, and a rare few are "new" ideas. I know... there is nothing new under the sun. You know what I mean.

So, about structure? I've been blocking these new ideas: By blocking, I mean cordoning them off, squelching them, forcing myself to stop at random short intervals so I can take a candid look at the ideas and judge them on merit. For me, this works.

For example, I had an idea about 3 weeks ago for a new Sci-Fi story. Wrote out a quick outline, sketched in some characters and wrote about 3 paragraphs. Then I stopped. Went back about a week later and realized it was crap. Overly done. Way too similar to other stories.

So I moved on. No biggee.

I used to worry when my ideas didn't flesh out. Scared I was not a "real" writer.

To hell with that. I've had many new and better ideas since that Sci-fi idea died on the vine.

And as to structure, this new way of doing it has me taking that hard look at my ideas. Is the structure solid? Will it hold up? Is the platform healthy enough to support an entire story?

Good questions, and if you heed them, they will provide great assistance.

Monday, January 9, 2012

Kristen Lamb on In Medias Res

Kristen Lamb smack dab "in the middle of things"...

In Medias Res

Hope you find as much help here as I did.

Jarboe out...

Friday, January 6, 2012

Interesting Stats

I found the following stats very interesting, so thought I would post it. This list shows "distinct" views and country of origin. Someone in Latvia viewed the blog! Ha! So cool!

United States 66
Switzerland 2
Russia 2
Brazil 1
Germany         1
Latvia 1

Jarboe out...

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Friendly little excerpt...

Here is another little tidbit from BRILLIANT DISGUISE...

Tuna from a packet and a Diet Coke for dinner. Again. Not much to talk about, but it did its job. Thirty pounds in six months. Take that, Jenny Craig. Thomas Marks reached into the couch cushion for the remote that somehow found its way under him again, then flipped channels. He stopped on one channel for a time, and listened to them talk about houseboats as he shook his head. It’d be nice, but who could afford one?
The heavy wind battered against the door of the small outside deck of the apartment, rattling the sliding screen door as it did every time the wind blew hard enough. It was definitely hard enough now. But that didn’t bother Marks.
He was trying very hard to ignore what was really bothering him. 

Jarboe out...

WARNING: Adult content follows

Happy New Year everyone! And now, back to the grind (and guilt) of things we put off to do until "next year". It's next year. Get to it.

And here to help is a GREAT list of things writers can do to stay motivated from Chuck Wendig. What's great about this list is that it's not JUST for writers...

Have fun!

Jarboe out...