Saturday, January 21, 2012

Entry for a fiction contest

Hey all.

Here is a quick exercise I did for a fiction contest on an agent's site. We were given five words to use in a 100 word or less post (I get a free book if I win!) heehee.

Please read below. Oh, and go to Janet Reid's site if you want to see the others.

I spent all day Saturday nursing her back from the chasm. I mean, I knew it was only temporary. It’s not like she was going to hop up Monday morning and jump right back into the chaos of her job. But it was a reprieve. Brief, but a reprieve.
The fold of the blanket covered most of her face from the late afternoon sunlight, but I could tell her skin was still red with fever. She would not last much longer. I bent down and kissed her brow, brushing back her hair one last time. And then I left.

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