Wednesday, February 29, 2012

LEAP day

Hello fellow Plotters!

It's Leap Day and a great time to unwrap another excerpt from the forthcoming novel (set to pub next month) The Plotters of Cantaera. 

In the book there are such things as LEAP's, or better known as...

Hey, why don't I let Leader Tanak explain it to you?

Take it away Tanak!

“I am aware of that policy, sir. But sir, I believe this is...” The day-plotter paused. He simply stopped talking, as if the words were too difficult to speak. Tanak waited, tapping his foot slowly on the hard, cold floor. The sound echoed slightly off the walls of the hallway, tracing the path to the wide stairs leading back down to the other floors. But the plotter still waited.
“A what?” Tanak finally shouted, unable to hold his anger. “Do not leave me waiting!”
“I believe it is a leap, sir.”
Tanak actually counted to ten before he responded. Interrupting his class was one thing, but this? A leap? He could not let this stand. Entertaining the idea or making the accusation that a leap could occur was not something to be taken lightly.
“I have dealt with the likes of you before” Tanak said, slowly, the words jumping off his tongue like water droplets in a fire. “You think you know more than all the seasoned engineers, architects and administrators who created this Realm?” He paused to look down his nose at Keeril, his thoughts turning to words that were building momentum toward an explosion in his mouth.
“Submit yourself for review to the Analyst General!” he shouted, expecting that to be the end of it.

Somehow, astoundingly, maddeningly, the day-plotter continued.
“Yes, Leader, I will,” he said. “But please,” he held up his plotter tablet, “Please just look first?”
“Are you mad?” Tanak screamed, shoving the tablet back towards Keeril. “I have wasted enough time here with you!” He moved again to shut the door.
“But I have the proof, Leader!” Keeril thrust the tablet through the door, closer to Tanak. “Please! Look!”
“That will be quite enough” whispered Tanak, stepping into the hall and pulling the door closed behind him. He pointed his finger directly into Keeril’s face and held it there.
“The class has heard enough of this insubordination. I will not allow them to believe this level of ineptitude is acceptable from a plotter already assigned to duties!”
He wrenched the tablet from Keeril’s hands.
The plotter stayed there staring at Tanak, standing his ground. Tanak had to admit that, if nothing else, the young plotter was determined. He realized that Keeril honestly believed he had found a significant anomaly. Tanak allowed himself to imagine for a moment what the young plotter was feeling. Tanak knew that, had he found something that seemed sufficiently out of the ordinary in a following he too would have reported it. Logical Event Anomaly Patterns, or leaps, were something of an area of expertise for Tanak, and Keeril obviously knew this. 

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