Thursday, February 23, 2012

other media

Other media is pulling on my consciousness today. By other media I mean TV, movies, internet, etc, etc...

For some reason I find myself thinking a lot about how those things influence my writing. Is it good? Is it bad? Is it trivial?

The good: helps improve writing ability, forces me to think of plot building and character development. It helps me to understand the importance of pacing.

The bad: distracts me from actually working. It can reinforce bad habits I may not be aware of. It distracts me from actually working ;-).

Is it trivial? To a degree yes... but like a disease, it can start out small and meaningless then one day grow into a metastasized behemoth forcing out the other organs and important functions until there is only room left for itself.

And there it is. My thoughts on "other media". My mind is a terrible thing.



  1. I realize that this is not a current thing, but when I read what you write, I flash back to our imaginary friends, Mike and Cindy (right?) :-) Love you

  2. LOL! Those were the names! I had almost forgotten. We had whole WORLDS in our minds and Mike and Cindy we're the trusty companions. Great memories.