Tuesday, March 20, 2012

The Big Three for writing advice

When I first envisioned writing this blog post I was thinking it was going to be difficult.

Wow was I wrong. And I should have known better. These guys make my job look soooo easy!

I am referring of course to the writers I call The Big Three Behemoths of Writing Advice and Social Media Savviness-ess-ess -- or TBTBoWAaSMS.

Yea, that works.

And who are these big three?

Why none other than Bob Mayer, Chuck Wendig, and Kristen Lamb of course!

I gotta tell ya my fellow plotters, without these folks I would still be wandering at the fringes of this cyber-wilderness picking berries from the blog-bushes along the edges of the Web-river and sipping brackish water from stagnant server-pools.

But with these folks?

I am a fearless orienteering bad-ass summa-beotch with Mad Max style hunter/killer skills carrying a sword of finely made word-wizardry and a shield of thick skinned heavy metal confidence.

Ain’t nobody gonna touch me now!

Well, that’s a little colorful, but mostly true. I do owe a lot to these folks.

And at the very least I can devote a blog post or two to spread the word and the love and encourage all the fledgling plotters out there to go and check these writers out and pass the word on to everyone else.

Not convinced?

Then let me tell you why you better listen.

First, Bob Mayer (here’s his site):

At first glance Bob Mayer might bring to mind a humble fatherly type you might find sitting in a leather armchair by a fire with a carved ivory pipe wearing a smoking jacket.
And you may be right, but you better know this -- Mr. Mayer is a West Point grad, a Special Forces Green Beret, an A-Team Commander (Yes, I said A-Team! Freaking A-Team!), and a Fort Bragg instructor! I don’t know about you but I see images of John Rambo and Col. Trautman more so than a pipe smoking literati!

But Mr. Mayer has tremendous skills in writing and marketing (specifically branding) and is more than willing to share a few of those skills on his web site. 

Go check him out. Now. It may be a matter of life and death (of your writing career).

Second is Chuck Wendig (site here):

Mr. Wendig might cuff my ear for saying so, but somewhere deep within that gruff, foul-mouthed, zombie-gut-wrenching exterior slumbers a teddy bear of a guy (OK, maybe it’s a Crouching Tiger, or sleeping lion... you get the picture). And just how do I know this you might ask?

Weellll... when I was just a noob-puppy blogger and tweeter (oh so long ago... heehee), I wandered aimlessly from the cyber-swamp into a plush grotto pumping 70’s Slade music and sporting Persian censer’s spewing cherry scented incense with lamb’s wool carpets lining the floors and a sign on the wall I could not interpret or comprehend (#terribleminds).

There I stood, dumb look Crayol-ed on my face, muddy Doc Martens slopping goo onto his carpets.

And there was Chuck Wendig, with that look on his face that seemed to say “I’m gonna chew out your freaking guts and spit them back into your ugly face!”

I stared at my boots, shamed to my core.

But what did Chuck do?

With much more respect than I deserved Chuck took me by the arm and led me back to the path of straight and narrow. And he was nice! I mean REALLY nice!

I have been a devoted acolyte ever since.

Read his blog. Take his advice.

And for the sake of all that is good and holy stay OFF the lamb’s wool carpets!

Third and last in the position of MOST HONOR AND RESPECT comes Kristen Lamb (her site here):

You could read Kristen’s site ANY day and come away with enough SOCIAL MEDIA advice to last a lifetime. Kristen’s site is THE PLACE to go for anything and everything you need to know to navigate your way through the labyrinthine maze of social media.

I basically knew nothing about Twitter when I got started. Kristen answered all my questions.

Not only does Kristen’s site answer all your questions but she has also created an environment (#MyWANA and many other hashtags) where a new writer can go for advice and encouragement ALL THE TIME.

And she does all this while wrangling Texas Tornadoes!

Just last week a fellow writer who was struggling found a metric ton of cyber hugs and (I hope) is doing well and is back on this merry-go-round we can call “modern day authorship”.

Go read Kristen. And share your successes and hardships on #MyWANA. Seriously, folk there really do care.

Look folks... The Plotters of Cantaera site is not all about writing tips. I am no Writer Self-help Guru. My goal here is to get the word out for my fantasy novels.

But I also want to share the things I have found along the way in my writing career that may help others out.

I hope this does help -- and I mean you.

These other folks, The Big Three, they know their stuff.

Do yourself a favor. Read the stuff they write.

And then go be a writer yourself.

Thanks to The Big Three!




  1. Awww, what a sweet blog! THANKS, this really made my week for sure :D. I am honored to my toes to be counted among the TBTBoWAaSMS.


  2. Thanks Kristen!

    See what I mean folks??

    A real gem!