Thursday, March 22, 2012

Friendly little excerpt...

Hello all you Romy-ites!

I know it's been a while but I wanted to send word that the Romy Malloy books are still alive and well and I am STILL working to get them to you!

As quickly as possible!

But... as a tiny bit of solace to those who just can't wait... I thought I would offer up a little bit of what I've been working on today.

The piece below is from book two titled WICKED GAME.

In this new edition of the Romy Malloy series you will find all your favorite friends: Romy, Det. Marks, Candy, Jasper Malloy (Romy's dad), and possibly even Peter Abbott will make an appearance.

And of course... JARBOE! What Malloy book would be complete without Romy's faithful four-footed companion?

And so, without further delay, here is one of the opening scenes from WICKED GAME:

He looked up then, and Romy could see that he probably hadn’t slept much lately either.
“Looks like you’ve been hitting the books late too?” she said as a question.
“Oh, well... I, ah... I’ve been...”
His answer was cut off.
Suddenly a high pitched droning alarm buzzer sounded from the speaker in the ceiling right above their heads.
“Holy shit!” Candy blurted out.
“What the...” Romy started to say but Tanner lifted his hand to quiet them and made a shushing noise.
There were voices coming from down the hall, from one of the rooms they had been using to study portals and dimensional travel. As Romy stared down the hall, she saw it was the room. The room where they had been trying to build a new portal.
The doors burst open and one of the domestic techs sprinted toward them.
“Mr. Tanner!” she shouted when she saw them. She skidded to a halt still fifteen feet away, waving her hands in motion to get Tanner to come to her.
“We got one!” she yelled. “A new arrival!”
“What?” Tanner asked. “Are you sure?”
“Yes! But hurry... something’s wrong!”

And there you have it! Hope you enjoyed reading that as much or more than I enjoyed writing it!



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