Friday, March 2, 2012

New tweak on the logline

Ideas for a new logline for POC:

William Deane has witnessed the brutal abduction of both his father and grandfather.

No one knows who took them or why.

William is sworn to find them.

But The Plotters of Cantaera do not care about William's family.

The Plotters only want control.

They will control William no matter the cost.

With their power they will nudge him and change him, erase his memories if needed - or even kill him if he does not comply.

The plots must be maintained.

What do you think? I really appreciate your opinions.



  1. I like the new logline. Finely crafted,sir!I must say that I'm intrigued. Apparently, I have a new book to add to my "must read" list.

  2. Thanks Russ. I should be making an announcement soon on the exact date of publication. Stay tuned and thanks for the encouragement!