Thursday, March 8, 2012

Sneak Peek Thursday! Plotters of Cantaera Book Two: Allies

Hi y'all!

Since it's Thursday I decided it was a great day to pull out a little excerpt from a forthcoming book.

And not just any book.

My dear Plotters, though Book One has not yet hit your cyber bookshelves, today you will be regaled with a portion of the FIRST CHAPTER of Book Two!

The book title is:

The Plotters of Cantaera Book Two: Allies

And here it is. Enjoy! Oh, and please leave comments if you like it!

Lord General Draesen requested a second veal cutlet from the servant.
The large table before him was already covered with plates full of meats; small roasted hens, a large ham and beef ribs. Other plates nearby held steamed vegetables, sauces, and fruits and there was a large pewter pitcher of water and a carafe of wine, both sweating. His fat stubby fingers dripped with grease which he had twice rubbed on his balding head leaving trails that glistened in the light.
Lord Charles Coralis had not yet had his lunch and his stomach groaned in agony. He was seated in a chair pulled six feet away from the table giving the obvious impression that he was a visitor who had been allowed to attend Draesen’s feast.
Draesen winked at Coralis as the servant left the room, but that did nothing to ease the tension Coralis felt. Coralis knew that Draesen only requested the presence of his assistants in his home for one purpose: discipline.



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