Sunday, March 4, 2012


UPDATE March 10, 2012:
Just a note to add how thankful I am for recent accomplishments my wife has had. She is a wonderful artist/illustrator. See some work here:

I know it's not November, but I have created a new word, coined a phrase, penned a patois (yes I had to look that one up) about thankfulness.

My new word is thanktivism. Thanktivism is simply the ACT of being thankful.

We all have bad days where you feel like everyone is out to get you or where nothing at all will go right. Bad days where all you want to do is crawl in bed pull the covers overhead and forget that the world exists. On these days you don't feel like being thankful about anything.

Then there are those GREAT days where you feel like everything has gone your way, where everyone is your friend and nothing, I mean NOTHING can go wrong. On these days you feel thankful for everything.

But the things you feel on these days described above are not at all what I am talking about.

Thanktivism is not about feelings.

Thanktivism is about the act of being thankful. Thanktivism is about putting your mind into a gear where you consciously and willfully commit acts and generate thoughts of thankfulness.

Feeling thankful is one thing. We can all feel thankful about things without actually being thankful.

But I believe there is a tremendous benefit in learning to be thankful. It is healthy, it is inspiring, it is required of us to be thankful.

What I mean is, its not enough to just feel it.

You have to BE it.

I feel thankful that I have a mind and can breathe and can type out these letters to form words that hopefully will make sense to my readers.

But I need to, I must also BE thankful about that.

And it's not as difficult as it may sound.

SAY the words out loud. Speak them in your heart and your mind, and willfully commit yourself, if only for a brief and fleeting moment, to actually think  the thought: I AM THANKFUL FOR (fill in the blank).

As writers we tend to insulate and isolate ourselves from the world around us. Especially when we are in the zone. And sometimes that time in the zone can go on and on and on for days, or weeks, or...

We writers need to back up once in a while, pull our heads out, adjust our eyes to the light of the real world like the prairie dogs that we are and remember why it is that we do this thing that we love to do. We do it for our readers, our friends, our families, our...

Try it out for yourself. I think you will be surprised at the outcome.

Below is a (short) list of who and what I am thankful for this day. God knows I am thankful for His guidance in my life, and I do not think a blog about it will be necessary, but... a hearty h/t to the Big Guy anyway.

  1. My family and friends -- all of them.
  2. Folks who read my stuff.
  3. Bloggers and other writers who help me out (Kristen LambBob Mayer, and yes even potty mouthed Chuck Wendig)
  4. Bloggers and other authors who have willingly given me an extra hand this week (D.P. PriorJohn Rakestraw at Unbridled Editor)
John Rakestraw re-posted a blog article I wrote about family.

D.P. Prior allowed me to actually GUEST POST on his site (brave man). And I am always thankful when a new soul is brought into this world. D.P. and his wife have welcomed a new little one. See her here.

Life keeps on chugging.

Do yourself a favor -- be a thanktivist about it.

In what ways are you a thanktivist today? Let me know!




  1. Its always nice to read or take part in anything that makes me a better man for having done so. If simply reading something can inspire me to be better to those that have to put up with me, then I welcome it. That's why it makes me glad to subscribe to your blog. Today i will be a thanktivist. Today I will BE thankful to spend time with my children :)