Sunday, March 25, 2012

Top 5 PoC Posts for March

Hello Fellow Plotters!

Wow! I can't believe how many new visitors we've had in March to The Plotters of Cantaera blog!

I am truly thankful to everyone who has stopped by to read my posts and check out the excerpts from the upcoming PoC book one entitled "ENEMIES".

Please continue to watch the blog and my tweets for the actual release date of the novel... it IS coming soon I promise!

To celebrate the incredible jump in visitors I thought it would be a great time to run a post this week listing out The Top Five Blog Posts for the month of March on The Plotters of Cantaera blog.

(I based the ranking on the number of individual page views).

#5: Don't fear the Reaper - BE the Reaper
OK, technically this was a February piece. So shoot me. I like it. And it's the top five in views for the last 30 days. So there. Get over it. And I like it. Enough said.

#4: Of Origins and Beginnings
Ever wonder how I got the idea for the strange world of Cantaera in the first place? Look here for all your answers!

#3: Professor Pedantic
I LOVE this post. If you have someone who constantly berates your writing rather than offer constructive criticism, then this post is for you. It's hard enough to have the confidence to write something and altogether another thing to publish it. We do NOT need a Negative Ned whispering in our ear how unworthy we are to do try to continue writing.

#2:  Thanktivism
This was another of my personal faves as it focuses on reasons why writers should be thankful. 


Drum roll please...

And the Numero Uno top visited blog post for March is...

#1:  Hey whoa there fella! Ease up with the introspective monologues!
This post focused on a common issue all writers face at one time or other where a character speaks internally for an uncomfortable period of time. 


Oh, and I could not let the last 30 days slip by without mentioning the guest blog I did over on D.P. Prior's site about World Building. Go check it out and let D.P. know what you think!

Here's the link to D.P.'s site...

It was awesome that he allowed me to write on his blog... thanks again D.P.!

Anyway, that does it for March!

Again I really appreciate all the views and I look forward to another month of exhilarating and stimulating blog posting in April!



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