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HAARP technology

The official website for HAARP technology states that HAARP is “a scientific endeavor aimed at studying the properties and behavior of the ionosphere, with particular emphasis on being able to understand and use it to enhance communications and surveillance systems for both civilian and defense purposes.” (

Others believe that HAARP technology has a more sinister purpose.

There are rumors that HAARP technology can be used to control the weather, create sinkholes, and even cause earthquakes. There are reports from numerous people across the United States that they can hear a constant hum at particular frequencies that only started when the HAARP project came online.

Some believe that HAARP can be used for mind control.

In my Romy Malloy novels, HAARP is the culprit for all of these things and more.

In the first novel Brilliant Disguise, HAARP tech, or more specifically, the nefarious and illegal use of HAARP tech, is the driving force behind the protests and eventual arrest of Jasper Malloy, Romy’s father. Jasper is part of a group called The Seers, whose goal is to limit the government’s use of HAARP technology.

Jasper and his friends believe that the government is not only using HAARP to control and possibly damage the cosmic environment here in our dimension, but also to build portals for inter-dimensional travel and that the government’s intentions are less than altruistic.

They believe there are factions within the government who want to conquer the other dimensions, who plan to go to war before it can be discovered if other dimensions even exist and if there are intelligent beings living there capable of communicating.

Part of the fun of being a science fiction writer is that I can pretend and speculate all day long about these types of scenarios and then place my characters into all sorts of crazy situations where they have to combat the evil behind government conspiracies poorly designed and haphazardly implemented.

But... what if some of these situations were real?

What if HAARP technology really could create portals to other dimensions?

The Large Hadron Collider operated by CERN in Switzerland went online in September of 2008 in search of the fabled Higgs-Boson, or GOD-particle. It was soon shut down due to a “magnet quench incident”, causing rapid Joule heating and damaging many of the super-conducting magnets. This “quench” also caused a breach of the cryogenic field, the field in which the temperatures are artificially lowered to levels that make monitoring and analyzing particles much easier.

At the micro-second the analysts became aware this incident had happened, there was a loud bang when the energy in the magnetic field converted to heat which caused the breach in the cryogenic field. This loud bang was never fully explained.

The public was told that there was no cause for concern, that there had been no atmospheric release of any damaging particles.

But there are others who do not believe the official line.

Some believe what scientists Walter L. Wagner, Luis Sancho, and Otto Rossler stated long before the LHC came online, that using such powerful colliders and attempting the types of experiments the CERN team wanted to attempt would cause the creation of black holes and strangelets.

These scientists believe it’s possible that these black holes would be uncontrollable and could grow beyond the containment fields. Causing a breach.

And, there are others still, who believe that the team at CERN knew of the possibility of the creation of black holes, and that they were in fact counting on the LHC to do just that.

Is it possible that this faction of the team at CERN was looking to create a black hole AND use it to their own purposes? Did they want to “ride the lightning?”

What if they wanted to create a black hole, calculate its coordinates, modify the hole using HAARP technology until it in fact became a wormhole, and then use that wormhole to travel between dimensions and conquer whatever they may find?

In my book Brilliant Disguise, Jasper Malloy and The Seers find out about this plot to use the LHC and HAARP to further these government schemes.

Used together, The Seers fear that HAARP and the LHC could rip the matter of our space/time continuum, and instead of just opening a portal to another world or another dimension it could instead create a cascade of unstoppable events which could unravel the very fabric of reality.

The Seers understand and agree that dimensional travel should be explored, but they do not want it to be used as a weapon of conquest.

They instead want to use the technology to first open a dialogue with the ones on the other side, to seek peaceful and cooperative relationships.

This is the battle The Seers and Jasper Malloy face.

But, even in our real world, the chances that the LHC and HAARP technology may cause damage to our reality are not null.

Even if the ability to travel dimensionally is never realized, there is still an event horizon, a point of no return.

The LHC just might have the power to create uncontrollable black holes.

HAARP tech just might be able to cause earthquakes and control the weather.

Together, who knows what cataclysms could be ignited?

Are you ready for this brave new world?

Are you ready to ride the lightning and step into another dimension?

Better get ready.

It’s here.

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