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inter-dimensional travel

Hello fellow Romy-ites!

I thought today was a perfect day to throw out a little techno mumbo-jumbo for ya that should make your head spin!

I mean, hey... Romy Malloy is a trained doctor who owns a sleep clinic, (even though she is forced for financial reasons to double up as a clinic for Erectile Dysfunction <giggle>) and even with all this training and experience the subject of Dimensional Travel STILL warps her brain!

It’s a tough nut to crack. But never fear! That’s why I’m here, right?

I’m the author here and I’m supposed to be able to break all this stuff down into smaller chunks that are more easily digestible by your sensitive little tummies.

Well prepare your gullets little birdies cause I’m about to chew this crap up and regurgitate it to you in a warm moist pasty goo that will slide right down your vertical beaks...

For starters, let me give you this from my old friend Stewie Griffin, because NOBODY says it better than Stewie. Here Stewie discusses the Multiverse theory with his dog Brian:

Stewie: You ever heard of the Multiverse theory, Brian?
Brian: Of course I have. But I'm wondering if you have.
Stewie: Oh my god, so transparent. The theory states that there are an infinite amount of universes coexisted with ours on parallel dimensional planes.
Brian: The dimensional planes, right.
Stewie: Oh, don't do that. Don't...don't repeat the last two words like you already kinda knew what I was talking about. You have no idea what I'm talking about... In each of the alternate universes the reality is different than our own. Sometimes only slightly sometimes quite radically...

There you go. That’s it.

Thanks for reading.

Oh... wait... what? You want more???


Okay! If you insist! (heehee... you know I live for this!)

What Stewie said is actually a great start. The multiverse theory with the infinite amount of other universes, blah blah blah...

But what about the ability to travel between universes/dimensions?

Ahhh... this is where it gets GOOD.

See, I absolutely love studying science. Books, magazines, online articles... and especially if we’re talking extraterrestrial life, or cosmic beginnings, or, you guessed it, multi-dimensional theories. And I actually get to research this stuff for my books! Research is what makes your story come to life! And if you hate doing the research for your story, then maybe you need to consider writing another story.

In order for us to even imagine that moving between dimensions is possible we have to imagine that a few other possibilities are real. There are other theories and possibilities out there, but here are three that work perfectly for the Romy Malloy stories:

1.       You have to imagine/believe that wormholes exist somewhere in space/time.
2.       You have to imagine/believe that teleportation really works.
3.        You have to imagine/believe that time can be altered/adjusted to fit specific needs.

Wormholes: First you have to have an access point. If other dimensions actually exist then in order to “get” to another dimension you have to have an access point, a “portal” if you will. Wormholes have been discussed for many years as a possible reality and if you step across that threshold and believe that they DO exist, then right there you have your access point, your portal. If a wormhole exists and you have the technology to analyze and time the cosmic fluctuations and trace the possible delivery points in space/time, then you have the ability to harness the power of the wormhole and use it for inter-dimensional travel.

Teleportation: Even with a wormhole there is still the little issue of actually “placing” the object or person into the wormhole in order to move it to that dimension. You can’t get a wormhole to just open up at your front door and you hop in and tell it where you want to go. A wormhole has limitations you know. Teleportation works perfectly to fill this gap and bypass this limitation.

You may ask also why we cannot just teleport to another dimension. Good question and I can answer that by saying that teleportation has its limits as well as wormholes. The same matter can only exist on one plane of existence at a time. Teleportation is the transfer of matter from one location to the next WITHIN the same plane of existence. Because of safety concerns, teleportation devices don’t just take the metaphysical data that makes up your body and move it. No, like any good database administrator will tell you, you MUST make a copy of the data as a backup before you move it or modify it JUST IN CASE something goes wrong. Then, if there is an error while transferring, you simply restore to your last backup and you’re back in business.

And thusly, since for the few milliseconds you are within the teleportation process, there exists TWO copies of yourself... your actual self (which is being transported) and the copy of yourself left in a safe place back at the initiation point (which is eliminated the moment the teleportation process completes).

BUT... if you try to use teleportation to move between dimensions you MIGHT run into trouble. Remember what Stewie said?

The theory states that there are an infinite amount of universes coexisted with ours on parallel dimensional planes.

What if, by some random act of sheer stupidity, your calculations are off and you wind up making your destination point the SAME as your source point? A-HA! You will run smack dap into a wall and like a bug on the window of a Mack truck you will be the SAME matter trying to exist at the SAME time on the SAME dimensional plane! FAIL!

So, that’s why you must have a teleportation device in order to place your sorry ass into the flow of the wormhole.

Time alteration/adjustment: Have you guessed it yet? Einstein postulated about it in his little theory of relativity. Galileo probably knew. Newton certainly understood the possibilities. Da Vinci HAD to know it was possible. I am referring of course to the ability to alter or adjust time relative to your physical location, better known as time travel. Similar to the issues with teleportation, you cannot just willy-nilly move between dimensions in an instant without first understanding where, and more importantly WHEN you are moving to.

Imagine if there really were another dimension right next to ours. Reach your hand out as far as you can. This other dimension is right there. But you can’t touch it. Why? Because, even though within cosmic multiverse realms that dimension is really close, in the physical sense it exists an infinite distance away from you. There would never be enough time and energy available for you to travel there before you die.

How do you get around this? You adjust or alter time. Stop it. Reverse it. Speed it up. You have to, don’t you see? Time must become irrelevant while you are in the transition from one dimension to another.

Consider a space traveler who leaves earth on a round trip mission to sling his spaceship around the sun and blast past the black hole at the center of our galaxy skipping just up to the event horizon and then shooting back to earth in what seems to his clock as only a ten year trip.

Time dilation makes that ten year trip for the space man actually about 100 years here on earth! Now imagine travelling an INFINITE distance to get to another dimension. Not bloody likely!

How to get around this?

Bend time.

Fold space. Like a piece of paper with two dots at either end, the distance in a straight line is a long way. But if you fold the paper in half you almost completely eliminate the distance... in fact you CAN eliminate the distance, at least in real terms.

Then using teleportation and wormholes you can just step right through and arrive at the exact same time, or only micro-seconds, after you leave your own dimension.

AND THAT my dear Romy-ites is how it is done in Romy’s world.

I hope this little discussion will get you by until the day I can finally publish the novel.

Still waiting on Baen Publishing to respond... very slow process.

Unfortunately, I can’t just open a wormhole and teleport there to that day while folding the fabric of time and make the release date right now.

Or can I...?


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