Sunday, April 1, 2012

Stop Sucking And Start Writing

As you can tell if you look to your left I now have a book for sale on Amazon and Nook.

Smashwords is coming soon too... good lord give me a minute would ya??!!

Check it out when you get a minute and buy it too if you can (it’s only $0.99 for goodness sake).

So just what the heck is this “Stop Sucking And Start Writing” thing anyway?

This is the book I didn’t know I was going to write. It just snuck up on me, so to speak.

While waiting on my uber-busy illustrator to get the cover done for the first Plotters of Cantaera novel, I decided it was time to compile a few tidbits of sage advice  tips I have spewed forth over time and release them into the ether in a format you can take with you anywhere.

That’s right fellow plotters! You know have access to the best blog posts straight from the pen (keyboard) of yours truly!

And now you don’t even have to find access to your favorite wi-fi hotspot just to read it!

Come on, I know you were clamoring for a way you could read me while you’re out on the beach taking in the rays.

And when the boss throttles the Internet pipeline after he catches the sales force looking at inappropriate sites again?

No problem!

Open up your Kindle or Nook and grab my latest piece of Aristotelian advice by the throat and use it as your muse to knock out the next 10,000 words in that Next Big Novel!

Go get your copy of “Stop Sucking And Start Writing” today!

And while you’re at it, leave a comment or do a review. Your humble indie-author truly appreciates it and he just might mention you in his next blah-blah-blog post.



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