Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Excerpt from "The Plotters of Cantaera Book One: Enemies"

Hello fellow plotters!
Today feels like a good day to lay down another excerpt from The Plotters of Cantaera Book One: Enemies.
Since the discussion last night with my illustrator it appears we are moving much closer to completing things and releasing the book to the public! Still do not have an exact date... but it's close. Oh so close...
Anyway, I am obviously excited.
So, to celebrate this happy day I thought it would be a great time to... well... you get the picture.



It happened suddenly.
The room was still.
Time was still.
William relaxed his body and his mind and closed his eyes.
He released his thought, making his choice.
He did not speak, but in his mind he simply thought the words:
“I will be on the Council.”
A wind rushed suddenly through the small room. The moment passed, and time seemed to jerk suddenly back into place. With a thump, he felt he was back in his body, back in the small farm house, standing in the common room. William opened his eyes, looked at his hands, then at the faces of Grandpa and Coralis.
Coralis shook his head as if he were shaking off a bad thought, or waking himself from a lingering nightmare. He worked his mouth a couple times before speaking.
“Fine, William,” Coralis croaked, barely louder than a whisper. He seemed surprised to hear his own voice speaking. He cleared his throat.
“Fine, son. Fine,” he began again. “I believe I can get enough members to agree to admit you to the Council. And, we can get you started right away on the search for your father, though all this seems... seems... highly irregular.”
He shook his head again, his white hair and ponytail flicking about.

Hope you enjoed it!

Later... PPC

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