Thursday, May 24, 2012

Plotters of Cantaera excerpt

Hello fellow Plotters fans!

We are getting VERY close to finalizing a date for the release of the first book from The Plotters of Cantaera trilogy!

Are you excited??

I am SOOO excited!

The first book will be titled like this:

The Plotters of Cantaera Book One: Enemies

Here is a mockup of a cover that I did... but this will NOT be used as the real cover. I am still holding off releasing any images of the REAL cover until all is set.

But I gotta tell you... you should be REAL excited to see the actual cover. It is going to be SWEET!

Anyway, since we are getting so close to announcing the real publication date, I thought it would be a good time to show you another excerpt... to whet the whistle as it were... or is that "wet"?

Hang on... let me google that... okay... it's "wet" the whistle and "whet" the appetite.

And that covers all the angles I believe.

Let me set up the scene for the following excerpt.

William's father has been taken, forcibly, from the City Center. Many people saw it happen. But, many people are starting to believe they didn't fully understand all the circumstances about the taking.

They are beginning to believe that William's father may be up to something... something not good.

Some, like the blacksmith and watchmaker in the following scene, are not sure what to believe, but, either way, they are afraid they will lose business if they are seen consorting with the Deane family, or anyone connected to the family.

Murry Stites, William's best friend, does a lot of work with the blacksmith and the watchmaker. And, being best friends with William, his work is going to suffer for it.

The blacksmith, a man not much taller than William, but much beefier, glowered down at Murry who was almost a head shorter, then looked at William straight in the eye. He seemed unafraid that his apparent notions about William and his father were about to be laid bare before William. The watchmaker, a small, timid creature, with thin, nimble fingers kept his eyes to the floor. The blacksmith didn’t hesitate.
“It’s no secret,” he said, his voice gravelly from working in the smoke and soot that his profession offered in abundance. His thick apron was covered in the blackness, and the fabric was dotted with hundreds of little holes, left behind from the spitting metals he handled.
“Everyone knows John Deane has gone off the edge. If he ain’t dead, then he’s not far from it, far as I’m concerned.” He pulled his iron gaze from William just enough to bend his head slightly, to give the impression he had offered a bow, the closest gesture to deference he could muster. “No offense, son,” he said bringing his eyes back to William’s, “but that should be obvious, even to you.”
William glared at him, then looked at the watchmaker who was twiddling his fingers and had suddenly found something extremely interesting on the floor near a work bench. William could hardly contain his anger. Knowing that others thought such contemptible things about his father was one thing, but hearing them in person was quite another. These were words that demanded a response, a response he realized he could not produce. And that stoked his anger even more.

And there you have it! I hope that "wets" your whistle, "whet" you appetite, "stokes" the fires a little!

Stay tuned!

I will make an announcement SOON!


  1. Looks like you've got a healthy mixture of depth and enthusiasm for this project. The appetizer should help to "whet" the appetizer.

    Best of luck with the entree.


  2. Thanks for the kind words A.M.!

    The meal is nearly cooked and will be served shortly ;-)