Saturday, June 30, 2012

Ladies and Gentlemen... The Plotters of Cantaera

Drumroll please...

Ladies and Gentlemen!

The long awaited time has finally arrived!

Today, I give to you, the COVER for Book One: ENEMIES, and... the date of it's arrival!

The Plotters of Cantaera Book One: ENEMIES, will be available on:

July 7th, 2012!

And you will recognize the book by the incredible, original, stunning, masterful artwork of my tremendously talented wife Tifani Carter!

Stay tuned for further details!

Friday, June 22, 2012

Countdown to commence...

The senior Plotters have completed analysis of the daily findings (the summary reports submitted by junior plotters suggesting edits to the master sequence, the supremely powerful tool of oppression that changes the memories of the people of Cantaera.)

The suggested edits have been approved.

The edits will be submitted to the Master Sequence for nightly batch processing during the next available schedule slot.

William Deane has very little time left...

The countdown to the most epic event to happen in the summer of 2012 is about to begin.

Are you ready to have your idea of reality changed forever?

Stay tuned for further updates.

Thursday, June 21, 2012



The au-Vonya have completed the analysis of the followings. The suggested edits are being prepared for submission to the Master Sequence.

There will be an announcement coming VERY SOON as to the release date of The Plotters of Cantaera Book One:ENEMIES

There will be a countdown with daily updates, a cover reveal teaser, trivia, hints, and maybe, just maybe there will be a giveaway....!

Please stay tuned for further updates!

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Quality of life

Hello fellow Plotters, Romy-ites, and Culver-tons! (thought of that on the fly!!)

I have been hearing a TON of information lately coming in from all corners of my life referring to balance and focus and making sure you cover all your bases and yet stay healthy and eat and yada yada yada.

Basically, the broadcasts I have been getting whilst I tune the little aerial in my brain and listen to all the voices I filter through everyday boils down to what folks in the business world use to call “quality of life” focus.

A VERY complex process chart.

You see, back a while ago long before the economic debacle of 2008 when we were all still bright-eyed innocent little consumers of Apple gadgets and flat-screen TV’s, there was actually a thing called a “corporate culture”.

And as part of that “culture” the big bosses from upper management deigned to hand down from on high to us measly mortals a morsel of meaningless manna to make us feel good about spending over 75% of our lives making sure they received their yearly $Million dollar bonuses.

What this was supposedly intended to do was to give us drones a warm fuzzy that the task-masters understood that we had a life outside the walls of our cubicle and that they were “sensitive” to our outside “needs”.

Yea right.

Anyway, that was the story and what we were told was that it was OKAY and GOOD for us to spend time with the family and go on vacations and smile and have a reason to be happy.

Well... all that’s gone now.

Four years in to the new “Great Recession” and the only thing you hear handed down from on high is a mandate for everyone to tighten their belts and prepare to do more.


I hate that word.

But, let’s not digress.

I really wanted to make a point out of all of this.

See, as writers, (and yes this applies to everyone really), it actually is a REALLY good thing to make sure that while you should work hard and stay focused and work toward that goal and keep to deadlines, it is a VERY good thing to stay focused on those “quality of life” things... like family, food, fitness... you know, ALL those “F” words. (heehee... heehee)

Here lately (just to give you a “real-life” scenario from yours truly) I have been going GANG busters!

For one, book one of The Plotters of Cantaera trilogy is ALMOST ready for publication!


A very exciting and (kind of) scary prospect.

Also, I have an updated LOGLINE on the Plotter page (look up there above... no, to the left... yea up there with the links... click on the Plotters link... There you go!).

But also I have been running touch up work on the 2nd Romy Malloy book (WICKED GAME) and ALSO I have been working diligently on a new book with Culver Bishop as our protag and a working title of...

Am I really ready to divulge this?

Hmm... yea. Why not?

The working title is EVERY PURPOSE UNDER HEAVEN.

This book it totally outlined and I have FOUR very SOLID chapters done and I gotta say I am VERY excited about this book.

But, back to my point of writing this blog post... there has been something I have had to put off in order to make sure I stay focused on all the other things that are taking priority at this moment in my life.

And that thing that has been put off?

Have you guessed it yet?

Yep... this blog. I have not published a blog post this week.

So this post fixes THAT issue.

Bottom line and to wrap this all up is just that I wanted to throw out a gentle admonition and a wish that all of you out there in writer-writer land remember to focus on the “quality of life” things.

It’ll do you a lot of good.

And stay tuned for a BIG announcement coming along soon about the Plotters of Cantaera... very soon now I promise!



Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Before you click “Buy” on that latest How-To online writing course...

I’ve had something on my mind lately... something that’s bugging me a bit.

Well, not really bugging me, but... nagging at me.

Something that keeps standing out in my field of perception and poking me in the brain and saying “Write about me... tell them... now!”

So, I decided to finally let you in on what’s been bugging me.

First, let me state clearly and simply -- for those who are new and for those who may have forgotten.

I am of course a writer, and in the end, in the grand sum of all things, I am hoping to make some sales on the books that I write.

That’s no surprise right?

No one’s offended that I actually came out and said that, are they?

Hope not. Because, the dream, the hope, the goal of all that I do here is that someday I can make a living at it.


Isn’t that pretty much your dream too?

HOWEVER... there is another goal that I have.

That other goal that I have is this: Apart from the actual novels that I write, I sincerely hope that what I write on this blog (and what I offer for sale at the miniscule price of only $0.99), you know, the advice, the tips, the stories of my own pitfalls in this weird and wonderful world of self publishing, I really do hope that this stuff helps some of you, or maybe even ALL of you.

Yes, there is at least a very small portion of my being that remains altruistic and truly wants to help others.

That means you. Yes, even you in the back there.

So, when do we get to the part of all this that’s been bugging me?

That would be now.

We all know that this wonderful internet thingy has a lot of information in it... right? We do know that, don’t we?

And we also know that there are a lot of other folks out there who (sort of like me, but not) also state that they “want to help” you become a better... (fill in the blank). For our purposes we’ll say they want to make you a better writer.

You can do a Google search and find all kinds of wonderful how-to writing seminars or offers for flashy gizmo’s designed only to make you a better “writer”, things that Billy Mays and Vince the Slap Chop guy would be more than happy to sell to you in an infomercial.

And some of them I would trust and I do read their blogs and I have even paid for some of their services (the affordable ones).

But have you looked at some of the prices of these other “real-deal” or “Platinum Level” packages? The Super-Deluxe-Does-Everything-For-You-So-All-You-Have-To-Do-Is-Sit-Back-And-Count-Your-Income packages? These are the MUST HAVE packages, or so they say.

And you know what? They are EXTREMELY expensive!

And what really gets my goat, what pisses me off the MOST, is how they LURE you in, get you to thinking they are going to just GIVE you the keys to the kingdom with that first cheap (or free) widget that you get from them.

But wait! That’s not all!
It’s the classic bait-and-switch method.

You can read the blog or the FREE intro-course that SAYS it’s going to give you ALL-YOU-NEED-TO-KNOW to be the WORLDS-BEST-BLOGGER, but when you get through it they haven’t really divulged ANYTHING that you didn’t already know.

You have to pay for the NEXT class... the even BETTER class... cause that’s where you get the REAL info on how to do X,Y, and Z...
Yea... right.

So, why should I even bother to write about this?

Because I really do care about you other writers out there. I know, I know, I really don’t need to worry... you are all a bunch of SAVVY sons of guns and all that and would never fall for the money grubbing tricks out there lurking around every corner just waiting to grab you and deflate your wallet.

Hey, even the best of us can get caught in one of these ruses.

But... just take a moment. Think. There is a trick to avoid these shitty dastardly schemes.

It’s actually simple. It’s the old tried and true analysis method that still works best even in today’s high-tech world of glitzy internet offers.

Remember: If it’s TOO good to be true then it probably is!

Just be careful folks.

Before you click BUY on that cool new “how to be a better blogger/writer/author” class, do another Google search.

Read some more blogs.

And, God forbid, ASK someone else what they might think about it! Heck you can ask ME even!

Odds are you can find something for far less money (maybe even free) and get the same or even better advice and tips to get you where you need to be.

And... NO MATTER WHAT... Never give up! Never surrender!

Later, and thanks for letting me vent a little.

Friday, June 8, 2012

Top 5 for Stayin Alive!

Good day all you citizens of The Multiverse!

Hope all is well with you and yours.

I am doing great! Thanks for asking!

I’ve been looking back at the blog here lately and thinking: Just what the hell have I been doing lately? What have I done for all you Multiversians lately?

When I look at it from a blog entry perspective, it looks like I’ve been taking some time off, hitting the links, taking long lunches, curled up sleeping in a corner.

But not so fast!

If I take a good hard look at things, I have been a VERY busy boy!

Let’s see... first off I consolidated TWO blogs down to ONE.

Yep, I took the old Plotters of Cantaera blog and the Romy Malloy blog and made this one blog you are reading now. Got too hard to manage two, and when I thought about the NEXT books I would write, well it got a little silly. So, one blog to rule them all.

But that’s not all.

Did you notice that I actually DID introduce the next project I am working on?

Yep, Culver Bishop is in the works now and I am VERY excited about that. I actually have nearly FIVE chapters written already and I am hoping to complete the full outline today.

But Paul (you may ask)... what about the OTHER projects you keep telling us about? You know... the Romy Malloy, and the Plotters... you big jerk you keep leading us on with all these “cool” story ideas and then leave us at the altar like a weeping fiancĂ©e. What the hell dude? Where’s all this other stuff??? Huh???

Wow! You have some anger issues there fella.


It’s OK!

See, because while I have been doing all those things I just listed above, I have also been working DILIGENTLY toward completion/furtherance of these other projects.

Just this week I released the first of (possibly) TWO book trailers for BOOK ONE of the Plotters trilogy.

Did you see that? Huh? Did ya??

Go watch it now. I’m serious. You can’t yell at me like that and then not watch it!

Go ahead. I’ll wait. It’s only :53 seconds long.

Tick tock. Tick tock.

Ok, are you back?

Well good.

So... whaddya think?

Yeah... you better say that... punk.

But the trailer isn’t the ONLY thing I have done lately.

Believe it or don’t, my illustrator nearly has the cover art/illustrations for Plotters BOOK ONE done!


I know, right???

And it looks FANTASTIC!

But you gotta wait for that. Don’t get all anxious on me now...

And so, at this point, you may be wondering if I am ever going to make this post into some kind of a REAL blog post or not.

Yep, sure, why not? I guess I can do that...

All these things I have been looking back on, all the stuff I have completed or is WIP... I started looking at these things and I realized this is REAL GROWTH.

I am GROWING as a writer.

And growth is an ABSOLUTELY ESSENTIAL thing for writers to nurture. I mean, everyone should always strive for growth, but WRITERS need to even more so than some others.

Writers HAVE to keep material fresh and exciting and REAL.

And the only REAL way to do that is to continually nurture the idea of GROWTH in your career.

And just how the hell do you do that?

Ahh... now we get to the warm gooey nougaty center of this awesome piece of chocolate candy.

Can I get a drum roll please?

And maestro, how about a little big band style crescendo with a bit of a horn blast right at the top?

Yea... just like that.

(with my best 1950’s style DJ voice)... “Guys and Gals! Dudes and dudettes! Ladies and germs! Give a big warm welcome for.... YOUR TOP 5 for STAYIN ALIVE!”

Eat poo
Yes, I fully intend for you to go eat poo. And don’t just eat it... play with it. Rub your hands all in it. Slather it all over your body and face and get it down deep into all your crevices! Ha! Feel better? That’s the ticket! Don’t you feel yourself growing already? Poo is GREAT for growth!

(editor’s note: “Umm... folks, you DO realize he is using poo as a metaphor for finding something, anything, everything as fertilizer that stimulates the growth of your mind and stories and your writing abilities... right? You DO know that? Please say yes... Ok, I’m calling the lawyers right now...”)

Irrigate your fertile plains
Hey do you remember those summer days when you’d get the hose out in the yard and play around? And then, when it got real hot you’d take the hose and shove it down your shorts cause it felt REAL good doing that and it REALLY cooled you off and fast? Remember that?

Well that’s not quite what I mean here... and if you ever REALLY did that as a kid then shame on you. That’s gross.

Irrigate your fertile plains means that, just like with POO, or fertilizer for your brain, you need to find ways to keep the WATER flowing on your ideas to keep them healthy as they grow. What’s water for your mind? I don’t know. It’s different for everyone.

For me, POO is things like reading new books, or seeing movies and taking the time to actually analyze how and what the writers did to convey their messages.

WATER would be all the things that help me continue writing, or help facilitate the writing process. Time allocation.  Time management. Finding that quiet place to write. Or, how about FORCING yourself to write? Yea, that’s like irrigation for your mind.

Do a sexy little pollination dance
Go ahead... yea, that’s it. Yep, we’re all watching you do your little dance. And why not? Bees do it. We watch the bees. They go from flower to flower sharing the love, making sure all those little buds get what they need to bloom to beautiful flowers. It’s a natural part of growth in the world, right?

Well get your nasty little mind out of the gutter you!

I am talking about WRITING here! (yes, the lawyers just had a talk with me and told me to keep all this at least PG-13). Bummers.

Pollination for writers could be anything that helps your ideas bloom. Are you stuck on what your protagonist should do next? Take a break and walk around or interact (pollinate) with other people for a while. Let your ideas pollinate other ideas and maybe your ideas will get some help to bloom too. It’s not rocket science. But it is cool. I mean bees pollinating flowers? Really? Come on... that’s just weird, right?

But it works. Somehow. Miracle.

Cross breed your seed
You may find there are times when your seeds (ideas for stories) might just dry up.
I knew this guy once... he and his wife were trying to have a baby. His wife got tested and she was fine. Then he got tested and the docs told him his seed was....

What? Oh... right... sorry folks, I’ve been told I can’t finish that story.

But, you probably get the picture right?

Farmers have been doing this for years. I’ve heard that corn, cucumbers, melons (heehee... I just said melons), and sunflowers are easiest to cross breed.

But Paul, you freaking weirdo, how the HELL does that relate to writing?

Ever heard of a “squashkin” Cross breed between a pumpkin and a squash. Cool, huh?

What I am trying to say is that it MAY Be helpful as an exercise to get the mind moving to take your ideas out of the realm you usually keep them hidden and germinating in and plant them in ANOTHER realm and see what you get.

Got a cool sci-fi lead role who just won’t do anything cool? Take her out of the sci-fi world and put her in the real world for a day or two. How would she act? Would she seem real, or just hokey to folks in the real world? Have her move around a little. Put her in contact with a few friends who can give her a look-see and maybe gently tell you how they feel about her.

CROSS BREEDing. It’s fun and simple and something the whole family can enjoy!

Reach for the sun!
Poke your little head up through that last layer of soil and sing praises to the Lord of the Sky: the Sun! Reach your arms up and wave them around like corn stalks! Soak it up! Get all that Vitamin D!

This is the easiest to understand but sometimes this is the hardest thing to do.

And no, I am NOT advocating Sun worship or any other kind of worship to earthly things.

I’m a GOOD Christian boy, dang it!

What I mean by this is that at SOME point you HAVE to put yourself out there.

Make the leap.

Release your work into the wild wild world.


That’s it! Hit that OK button and make your book available to the rest of us. I promise we won’t laugh behind your back and point at you and say things like “Can you believe he actually said THAT in his book??!!!”

No. Really. I promise. Pinky swear.

And folks THERE you have it!

Five quick and easy steps to keep your bad ass writing and working until well into your middle age years when you finally realize this has all been a pipe dream and you really need to stop acting like a child and get a REAL job and pay for all the things that others always cover for you and maybe finally move out of your moms basement and...

What? Oh... right... the lawyers wanted me to say “good luck” and “more power to ya!” and stuff like that.

Damned lawyers.

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Plotters of Cantaera Book Trailer

Update June 6, 2012 2:56PM:
We have corrected resolution issues with the video by utilizing the You Tube service to host the file and then embedding it here. Much nicer delivery. Enjoy!

Hello fellow Plotters!

I am ecstatic to reveal the first BOOK TRAILER for "The Plotters of Cantaera Book One: Enemies".

Please watch and I hope you enjoy!


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