Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Quality of life

Hello fellow Plotters, Romy-ites, and Culver-tons! (thought of that on the fly!!)

I have been hearing a TON of information lately coming in from all corners of my life referring to balance and focus and making sure you cover all your bases and yet stay healthy and eat and yada yada yada.

Basically, the broadcasts I have been getting whilst I tune the little aerial in my brain and listen to all the voices I filter through everyday boils down to what folks in the business world use to call “quality of life” focus.

A VERY complex process chart.

You see, back a while ago long before the economic debacle of 2008 when we were all still bright-eyed innocent little consumers of Apple gadgets and flat-screen TV’s, there was actually a thing called a “corporate culture”.

And as part of that “culture” the big bosses from upper management deigned to hand down from on high to us measly mortals a morsel of meaningless manna to make us feel good about spending over 75% of our lives making sure they received their yearly $Million dollar bonuses.

What this was supposedly intended to do was to give us drones a warm fuzzy that the task-masters understood that we had a life outside the walls of our cubicle and that they were “sensitive” to our outside “needs”.

Yea right.

Anyway, that was the story and what we were told was that it was OKAY and GOOD for us to spend time with the family and go on vacations and smile and have a reason to be happy.

Well... all that’s gone now.

Four years in to the new “Great Recession” and the only thing you hear handed down from on high is a mandate for everyone to tighten their belts and prepare to do more.


I hate that word.

But, let’s not digress.

I really wanted to make a point out of all of this.

See, as writers, (and yes this applies to everyone really), it actually is a REALLY good thing to make sure that while you should work hard and stay focused and work toward that goal and keep to deadlines, it is a VERY good thing to stay focused on those “quality of life” things... like family, food, fitness... you know, ALL those “F” words. (heehee... heehee)

Here lately (just to give you a “real-life” scenario from yours truly) I have been going GANG busters!

For one, book one of The Plotters of Cantaera trilogy is ALMOST ready for publication!


A very exciting and (kind of) scary prospect.

Also, I have an updated LOGLINE on the Plotter page (look up there above... no, to the left... yea up there with the links... click on the Plotters link... There you go!).

But also I have been running touch up work on the 2nd Romy Malloy book (WICKED GAME) and ALSO I have been working diligently on a new book with Culver Bishop as our protag and a working title of...

Am I really ready to divulge this?

Hmm... yea. Why not?

The working title is EVERY PURPOSE UNDER HEAVEN.

This book it totally outlined and I have FOUR very SOLID chapters done and I gotta say I am VERY excited about this book.

But, back to my point of writing this blog post... there has been something I have had to put off in order to make sure I stay focused on all the other things that are taking priority at this moment in my life.

And that thing that has been put off?

Have you guessed it yet?

Yep... this blog. I have not published a blog post this week.

So this post fixes THAT issue.

Bottom line and to wrap this all up is just that I wanted to throw out a gentle admonition and a wish that all of you out there in writer-writer land remember to focus on the “quality of life” things.

It’ll do you a lot of good.

And stay tuned for a BIG announcement coming along soon about the Plotters of Cantaera... very soon now I promise!



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