Saturday, July 21, 2012

"Just say no!" to using pic's off the Internet

Hey ya'all.

Come and get me, Copper!

I am going through a cleaning process on The Multiverse.

A rather well-known agent/blogger (Kristin Nelson) had a guest blogger post about an issue she has been dealing with in regards to a picture she had used in a blog post.

(read here):

Another prominent Kristen (of the Lamb variety) also posted on her Facebook about this:

Kristen Lamb has set up a neat "share" group for writers to swap pics on her WANA pages that you might want to check into and SIGN up for.

So.... long story short, though I never intentionally set out to use pictures illegally, I will be removing ANY pictures that I am not CERTAIN I have rights to.

My suggestion to you would be to do the same.

And not just on your blog, but, if you are like me, a writer who hopes to garner national international global galactic as much attention as possible to his writing someday, I would suggest also making sure your PERSONAL social pages are free of any possible sue-worthy content.

Just a thought.

In the future, all my posts will be decorated only with pics that I own. So get ready for lots of Plotters and Romy and Culver pics!

And that's a GOOD thing!

Oh, and another thing... if you have any blogs out there that you've forgotten about that still exist but you never update... better check those too or maybe just shut them down. Cause I bet they can still come back and bite your ass.

Good luck!



  1. Great thoughts Paul! I buy all my pics through istockphoto or big stock for the blog, but others may not know of this type of thing that could get them in trouble even if it was done unintentionally.

  2. Laura: absolutely correct. I even went the next extra step, removing any pics that I "thought" were safe but not totally sure about. If I cannot find a specific and thorough statement that says "free" (or reasonable facsimile) then I aint using it.

    Here's another neat site. Not quite as large a stock as iStockphoto, but getting there and they actually do offer a "free" version of the pics they post -- you do have to show credits on your page though:

    1. Awesome! I'll check that one out too. Thanks!