Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Stop Sucking And Start Writing II

Hey fellow Plotters, Romy-ites, Culver-ites, and Stop Sucking acolytes!

I have some BIG news for you!

Yes, it’s true... I have FINALLY gotten off my big fat fluffy butt and finished the next book in the Stop Sucking series!

That’s right!

As of RIGHT NOW for only $0.99 you have full Kindle exclusive access to “Stop Sucking And Start Writing II - Hey, whoa there ma’am! Writing IS a real job!”

AND that’s not all!

To celebrate the arrival of our newest bambino, you will ALSO get the first book in the series for free! Starting this Friday and through Saturday.

That’s right... I said FREE!

But HURRY! This free offer is only good for TWO DAYS! (that’s 48 hours for you minute minders)

From July 27th through July 28th (Friday and Saturday) you can get the book that chronicles the beginnings of Paul Philip Carter’s indie author ramblings and blah blah blogging diatribes.

(Don’t worry, I won’t let you forget the dates... I’ll make updates on Twitter and Facebook to force encourage you to buy!)

Yes, you can get your very own copy of the first set of crazed ramblings advice and tips and humorous anecdotes of your most very favorite writer ever of all time for eternity and infinity!

And DON’T FORGET... while you are out there check out the most awesome-est Epic Fantasy adventure novel of all time -- the first book in the series The Plotters of Cantaera Book One: Enemies.

Available exclusively on Kindle!