Wednesday, August 8, 2012

A writer on Mars

Folks, I have to confess. It’s time to come clean.

I haven’t been watching the latest news on the recent Mars Curiosity project landing.

It just hasn’t really appealed to me. I keep thinking “Haven’t we already done this?”

Call me crazy, but this just seems like old news.

(image courtesy of Marie Loughin WANA Commons)

OK, I know there will be some of you out there who start shouting and screaming:
“It’s the largest spacecraft ever sent to another planet!”
“This is the best chance yet to find ORGANIC material!”
“What are you freaking stupid or just being purposefully obtuse?”
(Yea, I made up that last one... heehee)

I don’t know, maybe it’s just me and my overly active imagination. I probably would not make the best exploratory scientist because I get way to impatient when stuff doesn’t happen.

I mean sure, taking pictures and collecting soil samples and pondering the possibility that the plumage snapped in the first 200 milliseconds after landing was a “freak” one-in-a-million pic of the wreckage of the “Crane” device that brought the Curiosity rover to the surface of Mars is all well and good.

But I want some REAL action!

Wouldn’t it be great to actually SEE something happening there like we see in all the cool movies?

How about a little Martian Face time?

Maybe some ancient Relics leading to a device that creates a Martian atmosphere?

Or how about some little green men doing a drive-by shooting shouting out the Martian equivalent of “Not in my back yard, you stupid Earthlings!”

I know, I know... there’s like a ONE in a GA-GILLION chance that there is or ever was any real intelligent life on Mars. About the same chance of ever hearing a politician actually tell the truth.

But it would be awesome.

I guess that’s why writers write, right?

Gotta go out and make up our own cool stories about little green men to satisfy our impatient imaginations.

And that my dear friends is the whole reason for this out of this world post... yes, there really IS a point to all this.

See, just like a scientist dreaming of great action and great results from the Mars explorations, being a writer or an artist or a creative type person we all dream of one day hitting that BIG jackpot.

Sorry, but if you say you don’t, or never have, or that you’re above all that menial trivial Neanderthal-ian type drivel, then you better go check your pulse.

We’re all alive here right? All HUMAN here, right? Umm wait... I gotta ask... ARE there any Martians reading this?

Cause if so PLEASE leave comments!!! I would love to get a quote from you!

But in all actuality, since there are no “other worldly” beings here... let’s all be honest and state once and for all that at one time or another WE ALL HAVE DREAMED OF MAKING IT BIG!

Now I am NOT saying that we haven’t overcome that, or that making it big is no LONGER your goal, or that you have not reached a level of maturity far beyond the level that I seem to show as evidenced by my writing. If you have risen above all that, then good for you.

Now go away.

The rest of us are still much less evolved than you and your obvious intelligence and maturity are making the rest of us uncomfortable and much less willing to share and grow.

For the rest of us, here’s your chance to do some growing, or growing up, or growing out (in my case... I love my food!)

Dreaming of making it BIG is not a BAD THING!

It’s just not necessarily the ONE THING you should base your existence on as a writer or use as the penultimate measuring tool.

What if the Mars scientists we mentioned before had only ONE GOAL, that the only measurement of success was finding definitive signs of life on Mars, and what if these scientists decided to GIVE UP if they never achieved finding life?


There are MANY, say it again MANY other levels of success that you should be focused on and should be using as measurements of success.

Did you finish your book?


Now go publish it or look for representation.

Did you make a sale?

Good! Now go have a Margarita.

Think about this for a minute: By anyone’s measuring stick author Bob Mayer is a very successful writer.

But did you know in Bob’s first year as a self published writer he only sold THREE BOOKS???!!!

Most of us would say WTF?? And throw up our hands in disgust and head to the bar.

But wait... NOW Bob is selling something like 50,000 books each year!

You know what that tells me? That tells me that you can’t give up!

You can’t base your success on an overblown sense of desired goals.

Temper your goals. Temper your ideas of success.

Chop your goals into smaller more easily digestible goals and milestones and then celebrate each and every gosh dang one of ‘em!

THAT’S how you achieve success. Even if you don’t find life on Mars.

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