Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Buck up!

Discouraged? Feeling down? Thinking that you might never get there?

Yea, me too sometimes.

Life is like that. Some days you’re at the top of the roller coaster, and some days...

Roller Coaster by beverlynault
(image courtesy beverlynault WANA Commons)

But you know what?

I think these days, these times in our lives when we are down and out and discouraged and at our wits ends are LEARNING experiences.


At these times in your life it is a PERFECT TIME to step back and assess your situation.

Let’s explore.

Why are you discouraged?
Take a moment and look at the reasons for your discouraged feelings. Did it not work out how you wanted? Did somebody beat you to the punch and steal your thunder? Did someone criticize you?


Take all those things and USE them!

If it didn’t work out how you wanted then it just means that you need to think of a NEW way to make it work!

If someone beats you to the punch, then fall back, regroup, and place your pinpoint hawk-like gaze on a NEW date of delivery and make THAT day YOUR DAY!

If someone criticizes you, take a moment to think about the criticism... you can CHOOSE to either accept it and then USE it to make improvements, or... YOU CAN IGNOIRE IT! Did you know that? Yes... you CAN ignore what others say about you. There is no law that says you HAVE TO LISTEN TO THEIR CRAP!

Take the time to BE CAREFUL
But don’t just run out and start making changes willy-nilly, throwing new ideas around like a kid at the beach with a beach ball.

Take this time to make intelligent and mature decisions.

There is no need to rush just because you feel down.

Do NOT over-inflate your expectations.

And ALWAYS remember to balance your time appropriately: http://paulphilipcarter.blogspot.com/2012/06/quality-of-life.html

Life is going to punch back at you sometimes. Believe me, I know. The whole reason I am writing this post is because of the OCAM (One Crazy Ass Month) I have had this month.

Three major car breakdowns (necessitating a new/used car purchase), air conditioner breaking in both the house AND a car, money so tight it’s thinner than an underfed supermodel, garbage disposal broke, TWO toilets leaking that wouldn’t stop and no money to call a real plumber, a new book release, an old book free promo campaign...

Yea, it’s been crazy.

And, yes... I have had my share of discouragement.

But buck up!

After all, tomorrow IS another day!


  1. Great advice and encouragement, Paul. Everyone, no matter what we're pursuing --from counting beans to stringing words, has these kind of days. Community and sharing the journey helps, too, right? See ya 'round the WANA!