Thursday, August 30, 2012

One step closer to immortality

Folks I may have to bump up my time scale for my Culver Bishop novel “Every purpose under heaven.”

Today I read that a team of Harvard scientists have successfully integrated synthetic human skin with nano-electronics effectively creating a living CYBORG tissue.

Here’s the article:

Where are we "headed"?

 If you just read the article... isn’t that just a big WOW???!!

There’s talk of “seeding” nano-mesh material with real living cells and watching them grow and learn to interact with the mesh in a way that allows for external monitoring and manipulation of the material by the scientists!


They stated that the near term intended uses is for drug manufacturers to see how new drugs might interact with the cells.

And that’s where I begin to wonder...

If you follow me at all you then know that my Culver Bishop character is a scientist who is tasked with blending live human nerve cells with nano-chip technology to create non-dying nerve cells that can be successfully implanted into humans, which effectively allows humans to live forever!

Now, if you take the Harvard article above, along with what I wrote in an article a few weeks ago (here) in which we discussed TRANSHUMANISM, or the attempt to make humans part man/part machine, you can see that we are already WELL on our way toward creating what my heroine Culver is tasked with doing in the novel!

I had initially setup the novel to occur in the year 2048. I may have to reconsider that.

But you know what?

That is just fine with me. It’s the ever changing always growing aspects of science that get me excited. If I have to adjust to keep up with it that’s all right with me.



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