Thursday, August 9, 2012

Science and Sociology

Folks, let me bring to your attention three recent articles of news to illustrate why you should be paying attention to the application of science in the daily lives of our society (especially if you are a sci-fi or speculative fiction writer or reader like me).

Photo courtesy Steven Thomas Howell WANA Commons

First, in a reversal of my typical order, I bring you a heartwarming story to counter my jaded view of transhumanism posited in this previous Multiverse post here:

This is a story of two scientists who used 3-D printing devices to create prosthetic arms for a beautiful two-year old girl.

Now, that is the kind of story that can take a crusty old codger like me and turn him into a blubbering pool of tears. This is a story of science at its best.

Next, I point you to the science article related to real-world testing of Time Dilation, which sends me (happily) off into the realm of speculation and science fiction where Time Displacement and Time Travel exist as realities:

Scientists have discovered through testing of non-uniformly arranged visual events that the human eye and brain apply biased estimations of arrival and departure times of objects (speed up and slow down).

I love these kinds of stories. Both of my current sci-fi novels Romy Malloy and Culver Bishop (read here and here) are concerned with time travel and time displacement. 

And finally, this article is a perfect example of the nefarious application (or non-application) of science in our lives:

The key quote to take from this article is the one that discusses the response from the drug manufacturers when presented with a “viable CURE” for diabetes: “All told her there wasn’t enough money to be made in a cure that used an inexpensive, generically available vaccine, Faustman said.”

So, do you think our doctors will be forthcoming in telling us about this possible cure, or will they continue to be beholden to the money from the Big Pharma manufacturers? Hmm... I guess we shall see.

Now as you know this blog is not meant to exist as a cause du jour protest and yell about issues and such type site. I only want to bring attention to these stories to show you how I use common day-to-day type information to stimulate my imagination and bring fresh ideas to my stories.

If you find any of these stories spur you to action, then more power to ya!

That’s more than I could ever hope for.


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