Monday, August 13, 2012

Super soldiers, DARPA, HAARP

Hello fellow Plotters, Romy-ites, and Culver-ites!

Around the net today there is lots of talk of the possibility that secret HAARP experiments have caused the earthquakes in Iran. (read here)

Now, I am a certifiable scifi nut like many of you, and while it’s interesting to think of HAARP involvement in the earthquakes, I do not really believe it’s possible to use HAARP to such devastating effect. I could be wrong, which it’s why it’s interesting to read about it. But personally I think that’s a little far-fetched and fanciful.

I'm not a nut, I'm just prepared!

But what if it was real and the government or the military could use HAARP to trigger earthquakes or catastrophic weather conditions?

That would be a tremendous force-multiplier for whoever controlled that technology. 

Speaking of force-multiplier’s... in another article it is being reported that DARPA is floating information about TRANSHUMANISM in creating a Super Soldier, and by leaking out the information in dribs and drabs they are hoping to soften the opinions of the public in order to prepare them for the advent of a SUPERIOR military race. Read about DARPA here.

Not only are they using additive transhumanism by adding mechanical parts to normal humans, they are also using genetic transhumanism, meaning they are modifying the genetics of humans to make them something MORE than human. (Read my other article about Transhumanism here)

Reportedly DARPA has perfected a method to inject a VIRUS that would trigger specific genes which could make a soldier Super Strong, or have the ability to go without food, or communicate telepathically. Read more here and here.

Sounds like the Bourne series.

Another author, Simon Conway, gained special access to the DARPA discoveries and he has a new book out called Rockcreek Park. Read Simon’s info here.

With all the talk of societal collapse (here), banks being prepped for economic meltdown (here), crops failing and rampant wildfires (here), and the Department of Homeland Security buying millions of rounds of ammo and gear for war (here), you begin to wonder what might happen if the military actually DID create a super powerful autonomous soldier, and what might happen if that group of super soldiers decided that the human race was to blame for all the horrors they were programmed to fight against? (Look here

All this has a writer like me salivating to come up with the next cool story incorporating all of this wild information.

At least, that’s what I am planning on doing with it.