Thursday, September 27, 2012

Future State: Full Control and Candy For All

In my upcoming sci-fi action thriller novel “Every purpose under heaven” my protagonist Culver Bishop lives in a society governed by a technocratic authoritarian government that uses nano tracking chips inserted into each “citizen” for identification and control purposes.

In my depiction of this creepy future America the government also uses designer nano-drugs to subdue and control the populace.

To most people this idea of such an overtly despotic tyrannical government probably seems pretty farfetched. And, when I take of my tinfoil hat I will usually agree with this estimate.

But... (cue spooky music)

Today I read of a marketing campaign taking place in good old free and easy England by the chocolate company Nestle that has made me reevaluate the possibility of a government that wants to control us.

Now, what kind of marketing campaign could a simple and trusted and cuddly candy maker launch that would make me want to include it in a blog post titled “Future State: Full Control and Candy For All?”

Check it out. The marketing campaign is called “We Will Find You” and in a nutshell Nestle is putting tracking chips into some of its candy bar wrappers that once activated will trigger a team of military like commandos to track you and find you and confront you in public and present you with a suitcase filled with... money.

Here’s a couple of links:

If that’s not enough to at least make you mute the television adjust your sweat pants and sit up a little straighter on the couch spilling Doritos crumbs all over the floor then you are a steely eyed missile man my friend and likely nothing I could say would rock your belief that the world is exactly what you have always imagined it to be.

But, if like me you view this video and read these articles and think “Hey, that’s kind of creepy and hey didn’t some guy say he was writing a book about the government tracking you and hey maybe this is like a trial balloon and they’re using a company like a candy company to make it seem innocent and maybe just maybe we should stop and take note and maybe even object to this because hey it’s kind of creepy...” then I just might reward you with a pat on the back and a free beer if ever we meet provided you are of the proper drinking age and provided you are willing to sign a waiver stating that you have no legal recourse against me if the beer makes you sick or stupid and/or any possible combination of the two or any other stupid thing as long as we both shall live.

Most likely we will all be restricted soon on international travel anyway, so I’m pretty confident I can save my money and drink my own beer and never have to print out that waiver.

Here’s the bottom line folks: watch out how much and what kind of candy you are eating in the future ESPECIALLY if you are traveling abroad or amale or azebra.

That next Kit Kat you eat just might be the thing that makes you a permanent controllable trackable and identifiable enemy ward of the state.




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