Monday, October 15, 2012

Wow. Just wow.

Two amazing things to report today folks.

First, the AMC show The Walking Dead has submitted what I believe is one of the BEST ever season openers of any show in the history of shows hands down.

Last nights showing of the first show in the series 3rd season titled “SEED” definitely seeded my interest to watch the rest of the season. Now to be clear, I expected big things from the show. I have watched both of the previous seasons with tense anticipation and apprehension and fear and trembling and thoroughly enjoyed both. And this from a guy who really didn’t like Zombie movies until I watched DAWN OF THE DEAD and of course SHAUN OF THE DEAD. Before then, the Zombie genre was (cough cough) pretty much DEAD to me. (heehee)

But I must admit that I was skeptical. My expectations for the third season opener had been tempered because of last weeks season TWO opener of HOMELAND.

Umm... folks at HOMELAND, writers, etc... what the HELL are you doing?

I LOVED the first season of HOMELAND but season two has been a complete letdown. Really folks, do you expect us to believe the CIA would EVER let Carrie back in with access to TOP SECRET information? Come on man!

But WALKING DEAD??? Yea buddy! That’s how you do it! Better watch that show to get a clue you HOMELAND writers!

And this takes us to AMAZING THING to report #2!

The almighty freaking SPACE JUMP!

OK, I admit, I had COMPLETELTY missed this last week when Felix Baumgartner attempted it and THANKD GOODNESS the weather prevented his attempt because I caught the jump yesterday and WOW! That was some COOL STUFF!

Straight out of the coolest scenes of APOLLO13, complete with command center video clips replete with (actually funny) pithy comments from the director, and the calmest and coolest performance from any space-like dude I have seen since Chuck Yeager, this performance had EVERYTHING!

And that’s not to even MENTION the actual JUMP!

If you haven’t seen it, do yourself a favor and WATCH the whole video.

Needless to say, as a writer, BOTH of these things have succeeded in completely STOKING the fires of my imagination.

So, yea folks... for the foreseeable future, I will be pretty much heads down writing out my new ideas for my sci-fi books, and heads up only to watch THE WALKING DEAD.

Have a great FALL/WINTER ya’all!


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