Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Current Events

Hello all you crazy Multiversians out there!

I know I said I wouldn’t be blogging much here this month but I ALSO said I just might. So there. Na na na na boo boo stick your head in doo doo.

Look, here in the Multiverse I don’t tackle all the crazy political and social issues that are out there these days because I don’t want this blog to veer off the cliff into the psycho-situations that always arise when someone puts out a political or social opinion on the inter-connected-web-device-thingy. And, first and foremost I am a writer and here on this blog I want to write about writerly stuff and such and H.R. Pufnstuf (Do you remember that show? Man, were THOSE guys stoned or what???).

Withcie scared the CRAP out of me as a kid...

And besides... you really don’t care about all that political and social stuff, do you?

Hmm... On one side of the aisle it’s crickets and quiet while on the other side of the aisle it’s a loud “rabble, rabble, rabble...” And if you have no idea what I mean by “rabble” talk see here...


(yep... there’s my big but...)

As a writer, it is interesting, nay, it is ESSENTIAL that I stay up to speed on what in the world is going on out there in the world because I HAVE to, nay, I MUST be able to either 1) incorporate the “real world” scenarios intelligently into my writing, or B) adequately pretend I know enough about the “real world” to fool you readers into believing I care about what’s really going on in the world.

Now, this is not to say that I or you or any writer our there should use “real world” scenarios in your writing. Hell, I really don’t care if you create a 1970’s porn style movie setting in your description of the president’s Oval Orifice in the year 2121, or if you make Ding Dong’s and Zinger’s the leaders of your rebel alliance (I am REALLY gonna miss Hostess) on the distant planet that also doubles as an asphalt factory used to pave the Highway to Heaven.

But I digress.

What I am trying to say here is that while politics and social concerns are interesting and yes VERY important to stay abreast of ...( I couldn’t help it... I promised myself I would NOT use that word and yet there it is... giggitty)... it is not the intent of this blog to be used as a platform to discuss and dispense with opinions and bloviations about those topics.

My goal here with the blog is to write about my books and about things I find interesting without offending or repelling others from it. However, occasionally and from time to time and every so often and so on and so forth I WILL have to tackle topics related to politics and the social condition of America as we know it.

For example...

My upcoming, in development, soon to be completed for release sometime in the distant future novel with the main character Culver Bishop which is entitled “EVERY PURPOSE UNDER HEAVEN” is set in the future... BUT... (another big but)... it is a future that is a PROJECTION of our CURRENT world.

“What did he just say? I don’t know if I am comfortable with that...”

Ok, for you noobs let me explain.

To write the Culver Bishop story I have the HAPPY task of tackling projections of future world events, or, that is to say, putting on the hat of the “futurist”. A futurist is a person who attempts to systematically predict the future of life on earth (read more here).

And, as the CHIEF futurist for Culver Bishop’s story I have to study events that consist of three very distinct areas of interest:

And what does that mean? Aha! You guessed it, right? That means I either have to be A) a very good student (a futurist) about current events and trends in these areas, or 2) be able to fudge it really really well so that I can fool all you smarty’s out there.

And so... not to bore you or anger you, but rather to show you how I am utilizing these three areas of conflict to bolster the setting and tension within Culver Bishop’s story, I will tell you EXACTLY how I am taking “real world” events from today’s headlines and making edu-ma-cated projections about these issues to make up a pretend world for Culver to live and work in...

Let’s face it folks there’s more going on out there in the world of technology and science than you are willing to admit because it scares the Begeesus out of you. Am I right or am I right?

In recent weeks I have reported many a scary thing about science right here in this blog. Oh come on... don’t make me find the links. I’m too tired today. Scan down on the right hand side and look at the blog archive for Pete’s sake! There’s some good stuff there!

The point is that it is amazing how advanced things are out there these days. Sentient robots, synthetic skins, nano/bio tech... We are getting very close to the point of singularity.

That simple fact... that we are already more advanced in many areas than we ever dreamed we would be by now in our youth... makes it difficult for a budding futurist/projectionist like me to write a story based 30-40 years in our future and NOT have that story become irrelevant or “behind the times” before it even gets to print (electronically or otherwise).

But that is my task! And I accept that whole-heartedly knowing full well of the travels and travails I must face in order to succeed in said task! (Can you imagine me doing that in my best Excalibur/King Arthur voice??!!)

In Culver Bishop’s story she is living in a time of technological enlightenment. Her world, her society, is governed by forces who believe that technology is the key, the answer to ALL the worlds’ ills. At first Culver thrives in this world... until she discovers that other philosophies and beliefs will not be quieted by those who believe only in technology.

That leads us on to...

Westboro. Enough said. You know what I mean.

I could take words like that and create a veritable SHIT storm of comments from folks on both sides of the issue. And there are probably THOUSANDS of other words out there like Westboro that would do that very same thing.

The fact is that spirituality/religion, like politics, has been and is right now a very divisive topic and likely will be forevermore.

Believe me... I DO have my opinions about this... this... Westboro church... but I will reserve comment.

My task in writing Culver Bishop’s story is to imagine and PROJECT what role religion will have in her world. What will become of organizations with beliefs like Westboro’s? What will become of “radical Islam”? What about the other supposedly spiritual and religious folks out there from the more mainstream religions who are feeling disenfranchised in numbers that are growing at alarming rates each year?

For Culver’s world, a very curious and scary thing has happened. These folks who are seemingly polar opposite in their religious beliefs find an umbrella under which they can all gather and share one very particular and very dangerous goal. They have banded together to counter the threat they perceive as more frightening than differing philosophical views on doctrine: the technocratic government.

And that leads us to...

In Culver’s time, the technocrats rule. Personal liberties are ignored. Technological advancement at the sake of all else is paramount. Physical maladies, mental irregularities, genetic anomalies can all be “fixed”.

But they can’t convince everyone that there way is the right way. So what do they do?

Create cordoned cities. Divide society.

After Detroit is destroyed in a nuclear blast by forces fighting against technocratic rule, the major cities of America become walled and armed fortresses. Only those who can contribute significantly to the advancement of approved government technologies are allowed to live inside. All others are left to scramble for a living outside the walls.

Is this really so difficult to imagine? In the U.S. military spending already accounts for well over 20% of total government expenditures. And if technocrats ruled, spending on technology would be at least double that, maybe more if social spending was deemed irrelevant. If our leaders could be convinced or replaced with others who believed that technology could eliminate the need for social spending then it’s just a stroke of the pen away from happening. Executive order #100 of the next administration.

So folks, there you have it. A little bit of “my view” of the world, but only as a catalyst for the creation of a story. No opinion, no conjecture, no conspiracy theories.

Or was there? Muwhahahaha!

These are the issues and topics I am using to help create the world of Culver Bishop. I like to write about things like this in my blog, along with topics that relate to Romy Malloy and of COURSE William Deane and the world of Cantaera.

And, just to rub a little bit more salt in the open wound that is your psyche, for the foreseeable future I will continue to write about these things here on this blog because I CAN and because it’s FUN for me and INTERESTING and I am an interesting person and people LIKE me damn it!

Some day’s I MAY tell you what I am doing (like today) so as not to offend your wussy sensibilities and to keep allowing you live in the fantasy world where you believe that all is well and everyone out there is a soft kitty/warm kitty and there is no one out there who will ever again challenge your vision of the world.

But some days I will just throw you to the wolves. I might just pull out a brain thumper of an idea or maybe an opinion and just throw it before you like eggs at my boss’s house because he wouldn’t let me keep that totally appropriate calendar of various Scarlett Johansson pics. I mean COME ON! She was mostly clothed! At least, in some of the pictures!



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