Monday, November 26, 2012

Hello and Happy Thanktivism!

Hello fellow Multiversians!

No updates lately as I have been enjoying a little holiday.

I pig out...

No posts. A little writing. A lot of relaxation and time with the family.

We ALL should be doing this.

For me it will probably be alittle slow here on the blog for the next month or so.

No promises... I might just hop on and blog it up. So you better keep checking back.

Nodding to the recent Thanksgiving holiday I thought it would be great to point you back to a piece I wrote almost a year ago titled "Thanktivism".

Thanktivism is the ACT of being thankful.

So yea... do that.

And hey! Wouldn't you know it! I have something to be thankful for!

This blog (or reasonable facsimilies of this blog) are a YEAR OLD!

Cool huh?

Weird to think I have been at this for a year. And, the answer is yes... you know, the answer to the question I felt psychically as soon as you read that I have been at this for a year... the question of "Do you still LIKE it? Is it WORTH it"?

Yep. Awesome stuff.

 So ya, I guess I will just go ahead and keep on doing this. Blogging, writing, independent authorship... it's all good. I really do feel like I am running my own business of sorts.

Don't forget to check out all my books! And... Romy Malloy is COMING SOON!!!


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