Monday, November 12, 2012

Real-world synthetic neural connectors

Hello fellow Multiversians!

You probably know by now that I write both Fantasy and Sci-Fi novels. My first fantasy book THE PLOTTERS OF CANTAERA BOOK ONE: Enemies is available here, and if you are interested you can read more about the story right here on my web page.

My first sci-fi book BRILLIANT DISGUISE - A Romy Malloy Novel is ALMOST ready for publication. You can read stuff to get you pumped up about the release here and here.

But... you didn’t really think I lured you here just to talk about my books released and near release did ya?

Ha! Well, not exactly, but close to it.

Today I read an article that ONCE again challenged my preconceptions about current advancements in the technologies I use/create/reference in my sci-fi books, specifically in my NEWEST sci-fi creation CULVER BISHOP and her novel currently in development called EVERY PURPOSE UNDER HEAVEN (read more here).

Here is the link to the MIT article.

AND... Here is my summary and exposition on the article.

In summary, the article above speaks to a new technology that uses ultra-thin electrodes that can connect and pick up signals from a SINGLE NEURON.

Come on, say it with me: WOW!

It just amazes me sometimes when I hear what the Pocket-Protector crowd is up to and what they are NOW able to do. Big time kudos to all you Dexter’s out there with your killer labs!

With this new ultra-thin electrode an entire NEURAL INTERFACE is certainly right around the corner. And this is where it gets even more interesting for a writer with a character/setting like Culver Bishop.

You see, Culver Bishop’s career is concerned with “...blending human cells and DNA with a new prototype of silicon nano-chip to create non-dying nerve cells... basically providing immortality for all humans.”

So, you can see how the MIT article above stoked my imagination.

Culver Bishop would LOVE to work with the scientists involved in the creation of this technology. But alas, Culver will not be born until about 2020 or so. But, this group of eggheads is DEFINITELY setting the stage for Culver to take over and work her wonders on her neural-network-implant.

Here’s some more on Culver:
Culver recently received approval to work on the el-Farm, the site of multiple elevated NEO (near earth orbit) research facilities. It is called "el-Farm" due to the method of transport to reach the facility: the space ribbon elevator. Culver's work could be accelerated by years if she can get access to work on the NEO el-Farm.

Hmm... does THAT stoke your interest? If not, it should.

But don’t get TOO excited just yet. I am only about 1/3rd through the first draft of the novel. I do have the entire outline completed (so I know pretty much what’s going on and where we’re headed and how it ends). But I am still fleshing out the remaining chapters with dialogue, setting, plotting, characterization, world-building etc etc and I MIGHT have the entire thing ready for early 2013.

See, the thing is, this is actually my first real HARD sci-fi novel. Romy Malloy is DEFINITELY sci-fi, but at the beginning I even had a hard time classifying Romy. In fact, at first I used the term URBAN SCI-FI in my own head before I realized that there was no such thing as URBAN sci-fi.

I mean, sci-fi is pretty much ALL urban, right?

So yea, ha ha. Had to amend that to just sci-fi.

But Culver?

Yea, she is ALL sci-fi. In the classic sense.

So I am going to be VERY particular about the way I write this book. The setting and the technology is PARAMOUNT. If I cannot NAIL the environment, the world-building EXACTLY how it should be, then it will be BACK to re-drafting and researching and re-doing and all those other RE words you can think of until I get the puppy RIGHT! (but hey... that's how I write ALL my books!!!)

I think I have said it here on the blog at some point before, so I don’t think I am revealing any SPOLIERS here, but Culver Bishop’s world will be SOMEWHAT like Aldous Huxley’s BRAVE NEW WORLD (read here if you’ve never heard of that book... and if you haven’t then SHAME on you!)

Now it will not be EXACTLY like BNW, but... there will be some similarities. I think I’ll stop there... don’t want to reveal too much!

Anyway, you can see now how an article like the MIT article above would spark my imagination and make me feel rather proud that I am on the right path, at least in the technological sense, with my new book.

Now... I just have to figure out how I can access the existing Neural-Net that’s out there right now in order to make millions of unsuspecting people buy all my books.

You know the Neural-Net I am talking about... don’t you?

You know.

Yes, you know.



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