Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Who is Jarboe Malloy?

Hello fellow Romy-ites!
Today I offer up for your consideration a bit of a teaser for the upcoming first installment in my soon to be released Romy Malloy series titled BRILLIANT DISGUISE.

I thought that perhaps a sort of Character Summary monologue was in order.

So... check it out, read the words, enjoy the moment and... if you dare, please leave a comment or two!

The mean streets of downtown St. Louis. Not the best place to find yourself after an inter-dimensional transition that has gone haywire and your fiercest enemy has chased you down and succeeded in planting a tracker somewhere on your body. But you can’t find it. You can’t even move. You are pretty much at the mercy of whoever happens to find you locked in your semi-conscious state, curled up in the fetal position and screaming like a baby.

 Can’t really say I like St. Louis, but at least it’s not Chicago. At least I have a “normal” job, doing real-world detective work, able to ignore the fact that there exists the ability to travel inter-dimensionally and that there’s an Inter-dimensional Force that “tries” to police the travelers activities. And... I can try to ignore all those other memories. Just 10 more years to retirement. If I can skate that long I can forget it all.

Dr. Romy Malloy:
So, the clinic specializing in extreme psycho-somatic disorders hasn’t quite panned out. Yet. I can make the bill payments as long as I keep getting the sleep disorder patients, and, yes, the Erectile Dysfunction work-related injury insurance cases. But I really hope I get a real case soon. Nothing too extreme mind you... maybe just someone with a small disorder... maybe a mild psycho/schizoid episode. It’s not bad to hope for work is it? Ugg... I know, I know. Can I at least get a date soon? Some nice guy without too much baggage?

Jarboe Malloy:
Woof. Sometimes that’s enough. But... there are days when more is required of me. And on those days I will stand up on my four paws and face the challenge like no other can. I like Romy Malloy. She’s much better than Wallace at taking care of those things I have no control over (like getting the best food and scratching me in that right spot behind my ears). Anyway... there IS a storm coming. And look out. I will protect Romy, with my life if I must.

And there it is. Hope you enjoyed! Stay tuned for an upcoming announcemnt about the RELEASE DATE of BRILLIANT DISGUISE!!

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