Friday, December 14, 2012

An unexpected post

Hey folks. So I have had a crazy week. Org changes at work had me on pins and needles for a bit, but... I still have a day job. So there is that.

I am VERY tired today... for good reason. I was able to attend the midnight premiere of THE HOBBIT last night/this morning. And... it was EXCELLENT! Well worth it. But my mind is MUSH today... a little bit bebothered and confusticated one might say.

More like a grocer than a burglar...
Before the movie there were a ton of great previews and I can say confidently that 2013 will be a great year for SCI-FI movies. OBLIVION, AFTER EARTH, STAR TREK and many other new movies really REALLY whetted my appetite for upcoming cinematic extravaganzas.

I know I say this a lot... but it IS true that even I will have a new sci-fi offering coming out very very soon. Romy Malloy is complete and ready for release as soon as the cover art is complete. We are NOT going to rush this as the cover is obviously the first thing you see and as we all know first impressions mean a lot and many folks really do judge the books they read by the cover and a picture is worth a thousand words even though I have some 60 thousand words in the book and...

(pant pant)... I didn’t know how to stop that sentence... that’s how tired I am.

Anyway... Romy Malloy’s BRILLIANT DISGUISE really is coming soon.

In this first of the series Romy finds herself in the presence of a man from another dimension who needs her help to divert an inter-dimensional war, stop an assassination and find his way to a hidden portal to get back to his home dimension all within 24-hours or he will die. No pressure, right?

With the help of her head banging leather clad technician, a huge dog dumped on her by her ex-boyfriend who may just have hidden powers and a hardnosed St. Louis detective who has seen this type of thing before Romy has to decide on her priorities or risk losing a man worthy of her love. 

AND... after that I will be releasing my 2nd Sci-Fi novel, the Culver Bishop story EVERY PURPOSE UNDER HEAVEN. This novel is being written right now and it’s shaping up to be about an 80-90 thousand word book (a little bigger than Romy’s first installment) and I gotta say I am LOVING writing this story.

As you may know the Culver story is set not too far in the future (the 2040’s) and things like technology and science have advanced enormously due to the evolution of a technocratic government. Because of major civil unrest and terrorist activity the major cities (like Atlanta where the story begins) have been cordoned off and surrounded by high security walls that allow the scientists to stay in and the general population to stay out.

Culver is a nano-biologist with a dream of creating synthetic nerve-cells from nano tech in order to cure multiple degenerative diseases. She is given the opportunity to work on an elevated space platform to complete her work in near-zero gravity.

OH! And don't forget to check out a little of my own homegrown Epic Fantasy in THE PLOTTERS OF CANTAERA available here:

So... there you have it: A bit of an update on where I have been and what I have been doing and on what will be coming out of my little corner of the world in the near future. That’s about all I have the energy for today. Perhaps a second breakfast and an afternoon nap are in order.

I sincerely hope ALL IS WELL with you and your family and I thank you for reading and sharing here on The Multiverse! And if I don’t see you before the day... Have a MERRY CHRISTMAS!



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