Monday, December 3, 2012

EMP Drones

Hey Multiversians, what do you know about EMP’s?

Most, if not all, Science Fiction fans have for a long time now heard of a possible technology that can wipe out electronic equipment.

Usually the story goes that a rogue state or group of terrorists would get their grimy hands on a stray nuclear warhead and somehow detonate it far above some central city of the U.S. and voila... the lights would go out over a large swath of the continent due to the Electro Magnetic Pulse (EMP) that would be emitted from the blast.

While that idea could seem like a big worry to some, the authorities in charge of such things as nuclear bombs often told us that the above scenario was very LOW on the LIKELY scale. So we freaks of sci-fi rested our little heads and went back to dreaming of sentient robots with synthetic yet very human like skin and musculature who could both think and react to subtle stimulation and could be programmed to do whatever we wanted it to....

WHOA there fella!

This is a G-rated blog!

And anyway, better not tuck that particular worry of EMP style attacks to bed so quickly.

Boeing (yes the great aircraft maker is still in business) has created a new WEAPON that can effectively take out electronics on a SURGICAL strike like scale.

Imagine it! An entire fleet of DRONE like reusable missiles that can fly below radar and in stealth mode and take out acres and acres of electronics as effectively as a drone strike on a Al Qaeda camps site in the mountains of Pakistan!

Sure, that’s a GREAT thing if you’re on the right side of that battle. But... if we (Americans) already have this technology, how long before some other country (a possible enemy of the U.S.) gets their hands on it and before you know we’re all living just like the folks in the new hit show REVOLUTION or like the prematurely cancelled hit TV show JERICHO?

(And BTW, Revolution is actually a pretty good show. Watch it if you have the chance... it has the Multiverse TV Show Seal of Approval!)

But back to the EMP weapon designed by Boeing. Go to that article I posted above and check out the pics and watch the videos.

For those of us who feel we are on the side of the Good Guys (like me) then that’s a really cool development that I am glad to see. If we can wipe out a few terrorists strongholds without having to resort to bombing everything in sight.... then that’s a good thing I suppose.

But please guys... all you awesome eggheads out there running these programs and all you awesome military dudes and dudettes in charge of protecting the new technologies... I know you will do your very best to keep all the secrets safe so that we are safe too.

But all you numb-skulled politicians and bureaucratic shysters out there who are in charge of the administrative side of all this new tech? Yea, you... you know I’m talking to you... you better keep your hands in your pockets and your dick in your pants because this stuff here is FOR REALZ, yo. You better NOT be caught with your hand in the cookie jar doling out favors and information for some high dollar kick back and selling this stuff to our enemies.

Cause see if you do, then it’s a sure bet that we will not be far from seeing our beloved country ending up just like those TV shows... no power, no Just-In-Time groceries, no UPS delivery man, no U.S. Postal service on Saturdays or any other freaking day...

And you can bet that any of us left to survive will remember your names and you will NOT be invited to our first feast once we are back on our feet. You can just go scavenge for rats in the sewers.

Look... the trust and the lives of all the people of the United States have been placed in the hands of you guys, you few hundred politicians.

Don’t mess this up. You do NOT have a very good track record these days. Please do something right for once.



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