Wednesday, December 26, 2012

End of year report

Hey folks. Hope you all had a very Merry Christmas and are looking forward to a most Happy New Year. And looking back over this last year, aren’t we really due for a good year?

How many of you are just plain SICK of the news lately?

Fiscal Cliff.
Gun control.
Government corruption.
Inflation (or the reported supposed lack of inflation - did you know the “official” government reports on inflation no longer include those pesky and unimportant things such as energy (gas, heating oil) and food??).
Wars in the Middle East.
Mayan Doomsday Apocalypse



What bugs me the most is that so much of the so called news is just bogus. If you want a real assessment of what is really going on in the world you have to sift and sort through all the reports (and I do mean from ALL the sources) and then go research alternative sources for additional input and insight and then and only then can you begin to draw conclusions.

And in the end after all of that... it’s still just a steaming pile of depressing poo-poo that you would have been better off never reading at all.

I can hear you readers now... “Hey Paul... that’s not very Christmas like... that’s just a big fat downer! You’re a big fat downer!”

I know, right??!!

But that’s where my mind leads me today.

Don’t misunderstand. I had a wonderful Christmas. I celebrated with family, we had great food and some good booze, we shared gifts and traded stories, and over arching all of this we remembered the reason for the season (as they say).

But coming back to work and down off the high of the holiday I see that nothing... NOTHING... has changed. Oh, I am a big boy. I did NOT expect things to change.

But it never ceases to amaze me how stark the contrast is between the IDEA and exercise of the Christmas holiday with the reality of the world we live in.

Paul, come on,” I hear you whine. “It’s been a long couple of weeks. Can you please explain what the hell you mean by all that jibber jabber?”

All right... I’ll spoon feed you little birdies.

The “real world” is not the same as what the marketers would have us believe when they create a fake world of Christmas “magic” through commercials and with what the politicians would have us believe it is.

That’s all. It’s that simple. And I know that most of you understand that and are just as depressed and/or pissed off about it as I am. (For the record I am not depressed about it... I came to grips LONG ago with this distinction...)

But I AM pissed off about it all.


Because it doesn’t HAVE to be so different.

The idea of the real world doesn’t HAVE to be such a bleak thought that we get pissed off about how different it is from our “ideal” dream of what the world could be.

An ideal (utopian) world will never exist in this realm and I know that, but when did the divergence from the “ideal world” and the “acceptable real world”, or the reasonable facsimile of acceptable, become so great? Was it always this way and I just refused to believe it? Is it just because I am getting old?

Or... is the real world really getting that much worse?

I don’t know. I have my ideas, but I didn’t really want to write a persuasive essay today. I just wanted to rant for a minute and maybe get you all to thinking.

I just get so sick of hearing all the lies of the politicians spread out to the masses repeated and regurgitated by a willing and greedy media eaten up by a gullible and hungry society to again be regurgitated and consumed by their innocent children and echoed back as truth and proof to the politicians that what they are doing is all really working so that the echo chamber starts all over again ad infinitum.

Sorry, I don’t mean to get all Grinchy on you and ruin your eggnog hangover but it really gets old seeing the repetitive nature of this incredibly washed out and neglected society.

America was once a great nation. We still are to some extent, and we still could be if we could only stop with all the lies. The way things are going people will end up banning everything they are afraid of and label ANYTHING that they see as ANTI-their-ideas as a bad egg because they may cause other divisive ideas to spring up.

I really don’t want the future to be me sitting around the fire on Christmas Eve telling my grandkids that we used to be able to read the Bible and we used to have a great nation.

How depressing would that be?

Once upon a time we were free to read the Bible.
Once upon a time there was a Constitution and a Bill of Rights, and we all believed in it.
Once upon a time we had leaders who were able to rise above their mistakes and shortcomings as flawed human beings and find ways to make these ideas work without having to resort to lies.
Once upon a time, there was truth in the world...
But we chose not to believe it.
We let it go.
We forgot to carry the light.

(sigh)... I hope it's not like that.

Later... and hope you have a Happy New Year or whatever. Blah...


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