Thursday, December 27, 2012

Marching toward a Mutant Soldier

And the hits just keep on coming. Daily and I DO mean daily, I read articles and glean new information illustrating how real world technology is rapidly catching up and in some ways surpassing the world of science fiction.

In Every Purpose under Heaven, my in development Sci-Fi novel starring Culver Bishop, the idea of enhancing the human condition by using nano-nerve cell technology is introduced and explored. While this is not a new concept, this idea is one that has a real world connection and, if you look closely, you can begin to track the reality and on-going development of real world applications of similar sciences.

Specifically, I am referring to the existing and on-going development by government entities like DARPA and engaged scientists to develop a “better soldier” aka “mutant”.

Read the WIRED article here discussing the work of scientist Andrew Herr:

Mutant powered soldiers. X-Men. The Hulk. Spiderman.

So many so called sci-fi characters some to mind that at first you might be tempted to brush this article aside as just another egghead plant or psyop like diversion to keep the beguiled sheeple-society entertained.

Not so fast, says I.

Read further into the article and you can see that as far back as at least ten years ago DARPA and the Pentagon were already researching ways to enhance their soldiers. This has been going on for quite some time and I would bet you dollars to donuts that in many ways what they have accomplished is already in use.

You might say SO WHAT? Why should I be concerned?

Maybe you shouldn’t be. I don’t know. That’s up to you to decide. As for me, I love this stuff not only for its stand alone weirdness and brilliance, but also and mostly because I am a writer. I can use this stuff to improve my own tech in my stories.

But consider what it is these scientists are actually doing before you decide to ignore it.

Behavior modification, diet changes, and even the use of medications all seem on the surface to be par for the course with what the military would do to enhance their soldiers. And these things are mostly acceptable to the general public.

But then you start reading that the researchers are also using shock therapy to modify specific brain patterns, using DNA alteration via viruses or chemicals, and even installing bionic like implants (read cyborg). You start to see that what they are doing is truly beyond what normal human beings might see as the invisible moral line of acceptability.

Still, you might say so what? You might say you do not personally agree with this stuff and that you still have the power of the vote to get congressmen in office who can stop this before it gets out of control.


And, maybe you are right. But consider this: in many ways, more ways than you or I can even imagine, the scientists, the government, the military, and others, are using psychological operations, behavioral modification and social engineering to change the views and objections of the public and many times without us even knowing what the hell they are doing.

How many commercials do you see at the movies (yea, commercials at the movies... who’d a thunk it just a few years ago), commercials that encourage our young people to “Be all you can be”? Or to join the Navy, or Marines? And these are not the only methods they are using. I would bet that nearly EVERYTHING you encounter on radio and TV and on the internet is in some way shape or form encouraging you (and I say encouraging lightly) to do whatever it is the Powers That Be want you to do.

So how long before the majority of people will just “go along” with all this mutant soldier stuff?

Now, don’t start thinking I am a bleeding heart liberal who wants to disarm everybody in sight except for the folks I deem at this moment to be in line with my way of thinking of and perceiving the world. I am NOT.

I believe that Reagan’s take on the military is right on, that the military is not there to promote war; rather it is there to be prepared for peace. I want to have a strong military, though I wish we didn’t have to use them so much and I hope for the day we never have to use them at all.

But it is creepy sometimes to watch how the military marketing could so easily sway an impressionable mind.

And the above WIRED article speaks to even more nefarious methods of garnering support from the masses. There are so many quotes from this article I could use to highlight my point that the folks in charge are using “behavioral modification” and “social engineering” in order to get what they want out of the next generation, but for now just read this one where Herr states about college students use of performance enhancing methods:
“Seventy to 80 percent of upperclassman have at least once taken these drugs illegally to get better grades,” he says. “If the younger generation in our country is more comfortable with this, then that would make the use of these kinds of things in society, and by extension the military, very different.”

And believe me, they so called “younger” generation is in so many ways a prime target for anything more coming out that would help them get better grades, or, shall we be so crude, “perform better” in any area of life (Viagra). We have blazed the trail for them.

And, if you think that scientist and the military are only thinking benevolently about all this and would stop just short of creating a world where the mythical “THEY” control all of us, just look at this quote from Herr: Herr realized it could be altered biologically. “All of sudden the Matrix made sense,” Herr says.

The MATRIX suddenly makes sense to a guy in charge of creating new methods of making a MUTANT human being via chemical, behavioral and stimulative means.


It seems that “THEY” are already well on their way to getting what they want. A willing society open to the ideas of genetically/behaviorally/chemically modified human mutants taking to the battlefield (and many other “fields”) and before long dominating the pack.

Nothing sacry there, right?

Answer this: How soon before what these “scientists” have created will turn around and, like Frankenstein’s monster, bite the master’s hand? 

The article admits that: “Other countries are also interested in these areas but are not so open as the U.S. about what they are doing, so it is difficult to know exactly what is going on in many cases,”

Do we know who these other countries are? Do we trust them? Do you trust China, or Russia, or North Korea to only use this type of technology in limited ways? Do you think they have not already harnessed these types of technologies and perhaps have already deployed Advanced Mutant Human beings, using them to infiltrate the halls of power within our country, our media, our government, our military?

The genie is probably already out of the bottle on this one folks. And like Pandora, this box will have many surprises left to show us.

Later. Stay frosty.


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