Friday, October 18, 2013

A critical message...

Things feel extremely odd right now.

Close up, I have had to start wearing glasses just to read. That probably sounds trivial to many of you who’ve worn glasses all your life, but for me at the age of 47 it’s a major change.

I’m also a musician, and when I started losing my hearing a few years back I had to stop doing one of my great passions – recording other bands – because I couldn’t trust my ears to hear what needed to be there. I still play, but it seems hollow now.

Reading now seems a lot like recording music. It feels hollow. I really hope that this is only a transitory feeling, hope that when I get used to the habit of wearing glasses that I will once again find the enjoyment that reading once gave me. I hope.

I dislike change. Shoot me... so I’m a creature of habit. A comet on a comfortably familiar trajectory, believing I am set to traverse this orbit for a long long time.

And like a comet who gets a tiny bump and begins to feel its path changing and pointing to a new destination, I feel predictably out of sorts.

Today I heard that a man whom I had worked with for a time committed suicide. For some reason that has struck me today in a way I did not expect. His death, or more so his choosing the time and method of his death, seems unbelievably selfish to me.

I want to scream at him: Who are you to decide the time? Why do you get to check out and leave the rest of us still lurching through life? Why are you so special?

And don’t throw all this pity and empathy crap at me, tell me I should try to understand his pain and feel for him.

Who are you to say how I should work through my grief?

Every person in this world has troubles and issues to work through.

I have known quite a few people in my life who have committed suicide. Far too many.

I am tired of hearing about it. It’s not right. It’s not fair.

I know, because I am a writer and ponder these things, that a person who does this has finally decided that they cannot handle “IT” anymore... whatever “IT” may be. They think that it is easier to just leave now, just check out, because, they think, “What more good would it be for me to be here another day anyway?”

Here’s what I say... like a comet in a set trajectory that gets bumped and put into another trajectory... who’s to say that the new path you will take won’t eventually provide some kind of GREAT THING to the world? Maybe when you get bumped you just might bump some other comet and that one another comet... and all those new paths might be just the THING to allow for GREAT THINGS to happen! Maybe one of those comets will someday solve the government money problems, or save a million babies, or solve world hunger.


Don’t commit suicide folks. Just don’t do it. Find a way. Make it work. There is a reason for you to be here.

If nothing else, at least PLEASE go here:


Wednesday, September 18, 2013

A preponderance of bass

Last week you may recall I wrote a post titled “Seeking Alpha” in which I described a mantra for authors that helps in finding the best balance between risk and reward (link here).

Today I destroy all that happy-happy-joy-joy crap with a repetitious moan-of-a grunt-and-spew-pisser-of-a-phrase that helps us to just GET BY.

I am talking about SEEKING BETA.

You finance types will see that as yet another method of raping people of helping people with their money, and authors might see it as a plea for someone to proofread a new tome.

Get that outta yer heads right now!

I aint talking about any of that!

I deal in human fulfillment...

In the movie “Risky Business”, in a moment of foreshadowing that aludes to his son’s mental condition, Joel Goodson’s father points out that Joel has left the equalizer on his expensive stereo system in a bad configuration. There’s “something odd” about the sound. A “preponderance of bass”.

Like many teenagers, Tom Cruise’s character Joel Goodson ignores his father. And this act of defiance turns out to be a good thing for Joel.

THIS is what I am talking about... finding a place where we can ignore the father inside our own heads, a way to test with and play with and FIX our own internal imbalance...

A place where we can all just say “What the f*ck”!

A place where we can just give up! Throw up our hands (or just throw up) and give the world a big fat middle finger then turn our backs and walk away from it all until we feel like coming back!

Sometimes “Seeking alpha”, trying hard, persevering, stick-to-itive-ness, and all that jazz just plain SUCKS. Sometimes we WANT to throw in the towel, pass the buck, wallow in the mire, or just WALLOW.

And sometimes that is JUST WHAT WE NEED.

Sometimes it’s good to walk away.

Give it a rest. Wait a few days and then come back with a fresh mind and clean slate of expectations.

And yes there are times that we should consider the possibility of walking away permanently.

I mean it.

Right now I am writing a couple of different projects, and I have about three more in my head that I have made a few notes on that I would like to work on.

The two I am technically “writing” now are another ROMY MALLOY novel and a CULVER BISHOP novel.

I am about half way done with Culver Bishop, and I have been enjoying it.

But with the release of the first Romy Malloy novel, I have been thinking more and more again about Romy and her friends and the next chapter of their lives.

I actually put down Culver and started again on writing Romy’s second. I am also about half way done.

And that’s when the doubts started.

WHAT DO I DO NOW? (whine, cry, whimper...)
I have been considering if it is time to put down the Culver Bishop story.

Look, I don’t think I really WILL kill the story... but listen... and THIS is where it gets important...

It is actually GOOD for me to THINK about KILLING IT!

That’s right... you heard me.

I think it is a very good thing to think about the relative possibilities of success of your works.

Things like: “Is the story working? Is it strong enough? Did I think it through properly?”

Author and self-titled “SOCIAL MEDIA JEDI” Kristen Lamb says it all best right here:

Sometimes the answer is “YES”. Kill it. Put it down and out of its ever loving misery.

Believe me, this will be doing yourself a favor (and the rest of us too!!!)

Joel Goodson (get it... the good son) wanted to get into Princeton so badly that he sacrificed nearly his whole life and friends and social growth just for a CHANCE to go to Princeton. He never took a break to stop and think about if what he was doing was right for him.

But he met a girl and did some stuff and presto change-o he realized that maybe it’s not such a good idea to focus so much on one thing that you neglect all other areas of your life.

It’s the same when it comes to writing (or creating or arting or singing or musician-ing).

Walk away. Do something else for a while. For a day, a week, a month, a year... maybe forever.

Sometime you just gotta say “What the f*ck!”

That project will still be there. And if you look back and realize it’s a major frog with too many warts to even think about saving?

Kill it.


Tuesday, September 17, 2013

One day of calm

A rare moment of calm
Take a look at the pic below.

Isn’t that just so peaceful?

Kind of like Earth needed a break or something, so it called off all the storms and set a nice thin layer of cumulus over the oceans to mask a little of the sun and gentled the winds to an easy breeze so that the ships and sailboats could sail a little easier... ahhhhhh....!

But that lasted about a day!

Then Tropical Storm HUMBERTO formed. He made a go of it, and then decided to come back around again.

Now NASA is studying Humberto as the Atlantic’s Second ZOMBIE Tropical Storm!!!!

Great... even the scientists are writing Zombie thrillers!

This whole picture of a freakishly calm Earth has me thinking though... Life is a LOT like this pic of calm... a calm that doesn’t really know that a whole shit load of storms is on its way to upset the calms delicate little sensibilities.

Seems like all’s we get anymore is a day, maybe two if we’re lucky of “calm skies” and then WHAM-O!

Right back to the freaking meat grinder for you, bub!

There’s work and there’s family and then the job makes you work late so you miss the kids recital and then the car breaks down so you miss a day of work and then the job makes you go outta town for an extended period of time so that you can’t see or do anything at home because you aren’t even there and then your wife gets “that call” from the doctor so you have to scramble home hoping and praying that all is OK but the doc says “false alarm” and your boss gets pissed because you had to miss another day and then the kids have another show you have to see but you can’t because you have to work late and then you check the fridge and you’re outta beer...


It just seems like these “storm cycles” are a lot more frequent and last a lot longer than any “calm cycles”.

Let’s face it... LIFE IS TOUGH!

Take a moment and everyone whine for a bit... there we go... let it out... it’ll be OK.

Or maybe it won’t.

Life is like that. Maybe it’ll work out, maybe it won’t, but life just keeps on coming. Never stops. Never gives you a break.

So, how do we DEAL with that? This never ending parade of mostly crap mixed in with a little bit of OK-ness that never really seems to make the crap live-able?

I don’t know.

No, really... I have NO idea.

The ONLY thing I know to do is to just keep going. Keep on keeping on. Never give up. Never surrender.

One thing I CAN tell you is to NEVER STOP WRITING! Never stop CREATING! If you are an artist never stop ARTING. Never stop doing what it is that you do that makes you YOU, what makes you the creative person that you are.

Life IS tough. For everyone. But we need the art, the literature, the creativeness that folks like you and I give to the world. I aint saying that this stuff I do that I call “writing” is invaluable to the world. That’s not the point.

What IS invaluable is the sheer fact that I CAN DO what I do, that I am “allowed” to do it, that we have this great country in which we can live in and be free in and to do this stuff in.

That’s why we have to keep on keeping on, keep on creating.

If we stop... then I fear that one day it will ALL stop.

And I do not want to face a world or live in a country where we are not allowed to be creative.

That would really suck.

So take those days of calm, as few and as infrequent as they may be, and use them to bolster yourself so that you can persevere on those days Humberto comes beating on your door.

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Seeking Alpha

I love simple terms with complex meanings.

For folks in the investment world (you know, the world of high finance where money really DOES grow on trees and people drive Porsche's and Lamborghini’s.. yea, that world) the term, or phrase, “seeking alpha” is used as a mantra for the savvy investor who seeks out the fine balance between risk and reward where the benefits outweigh the costs of playing around with the big bucks.

In a shorter, more earthy and understandable definition, it means ya did good with the money. You got a return on your investment. You can avoid breaking the piggy bank for another month.

For me, as an independent author of fantasy and scifi, “seeking alpha” means something similar in theory, but in reality it is something oh so different.

Seeking Alpha for the independent writer means many things: finding the right balance between writing and doing the things you have to do to live and eat; remembering to feed the dog and to finish that chapter; making that date with your wife and providing an honest and brutal assessment to your illustrator about the most recent cover mock up; remembering to shower and…. Well that one stands on its own.

See, balance for a writer means, in essence, finding a way to work multiple jobs all at once (and I DO MEAN multiple jobs!)

It just gets really hard.

And, let’s be totally honest here… MOST people will give up.

Sad but true. Face it… there is almost never an awesome rags to riches story for the independent author. And most people can’t handle that… don’t have the longevity to stay in the race.

OK, sure we’ve all heard the tales of the writers who write that break out novel and make a million dollars the first month on Amazon.

But, even in today’s new Wild West World of Writers Sticking It To The Man and taking the reins of their careers into their own callused and blood soaked hands, that First-Time-Author-Million-Copy-Best-Seller HARDLY EVER HAPPENS!

Just get that in your head right now. Because if you don’t, you’ll have the same silly expectations that most all of us have had at one time or another, that your book is going to be different this time and it’s really good and it’s gonna make all kinds of money… and then SIX months later when your book is languishing in the high six figure ranking range and nearing 1 Million (no, bigger is NOT better when ranking Amazon books)… someone will have to come along and yank that bottle of Grey Goose out of your hand, pry your other hand off the pistol and unwrap that noose from around your neck.

Trust me. It CAN happen to you.

But you can’t let it.

You have to tell yourself right up front, get down on your knees and smack yourself in the face, self-flagellate your back and sides and nether regions with that cat-o-nine-tails over and over again and repeat this mantra until it sinks in to your thick headed skull:


That’s it! That’s right! Feel better? Yea… I thought you would.

Find your balance.

Expect this to be a LONG haul trip.

Prepare yourself for the reality that you likely will NOT be making a living off of this, at least not right away, and hey, maybe NEVER.

And allow yourself to realize that IT’S OK!

If you don’t “make it”… it’s OK!

You’re still writing, right?

And hey… if you are one of those amazing folks who DO make it... one of the few of us who get to walk those halls and sit in the confines of the elite breathing that rarified air of the SUCCESSFUL AUTHOR… then my hats off to you. Kudos. Luxuriate in all the trappings of a job well done.

For the rest of us?

Pass the Grey Goose.

Saturday, August 31, 2013

URGENT message about changes with The Plotters of Cantaera

Hello all you Multiversians, you crazy bunch of lunatics who chance the wild boundaries of space and time to follow the ramblings of this indie author!

If you’ve been following lately you know that I have recently released my new sci-fi novel BRILLIANT DISGUISE – A ROMY MALLY NOVEL (available here:

However… there is ANOTHER major change that I want to make you aware of regarding THE PLOTTERS OF CANTAERA.

The decision has been reached, after much deliberation (and quite a few shots of Gray Goose) that PLOTTERS will no longer be a trilogy! (At least not in the current configuration)

What were to be the first three books in a supposed trilogy will NOW be ALL IN ONE BOOK!

That’s right! No need to wait for further publication!

Right now, or very soon, I think… er… let me check with my editor…

Anyway, you should be able to go get the BOOK AS ONE version on Kindle on the SAME PAGE AS BEFORE (here:

And don’t worry all you folks in the first group that already purchased it… you SHOULD be able to download the new version as an UPDATE to your original file. Just go to your favorite web browser and login to your kindle account. About half way down the front page under “Digital Content” click on “Manage Your Kindle”.  Next click on “Manage your devices” and scroll down a little to turn on “Automatic book updates”. This will allow the Kindle group to send a new version of any content to your Kindle.

BUT… first you have to EMAIL the Kindle group! I know I know I can hear you complaining now that this is all supposed to be automatic and you shouldn’t have to go through all this trouble. But hey… this is MY book we are talking about. I KNOW you want to find out what happens to William Deane and Sirana and William’s grandpa and you just HAVE to know how William handles Lord Coralis… right???!!!

Anyway… Just send an email to

In the subject put: Please send the new content for THE PLOTTERS OF CANTAERA by Paul Philip Carter

And in the body you can just cut and paste the following:

The author of The Plotters of Cantaera has notified me that there have been some major changes in the content of the novel. Can you please send to my Kindle Device the updated content?

Be patient... it took me about a week to finally get the KDP team to understand what I needed...

HOWEVER… and ONLY for folks who have ALREADY PURCHASED THE original book...if for ANY reason you find that you CANNOT get the newest version with the additional text PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE contact me here or via email and I will make DARN TOOTING SURE I send you the  new file (for Kindle versions only). My email is: paulphilipcarter(dot)author(at sign)gmail(dot)com
Since there is a LOT more content, the price has been changed to reflect that and I would NOT expect anyone who bought the book originally to have to pay again (and at a higher rate!)

So, there it is. I hope you enjoy it!



Friday, August 23, 2013

Brilliant Disguise/Romy Malloy COVER REVEAL

Hello Multiversians!

And so... the long awaited day has finally arrived!!!

The cover for Brilliant Disguise - a Romy Malloy Novel is HERE!!!

Brilliant, isn't it???!!!

My lovely and talented cover illustrator (who just so happens to be my gorgeous bride) has really outdone herself, don't you think?

She also did the cover for The Plotters of Cantaera fantasy.

Please go check out here work here, here, and here, cuz she deserves to be looked at and noticed (and she deserves better than me but DON'T TELL HER THAT! I've had her fooled for years and she can't find out now I'm really a louse!!!)

Anyway... back to Brilliant Disguise... I will be updating all my internet links and pics over the next bunch of hours and we are working the process of publishing to Kindle as we speak... er, write... so go ahead! Hold your breath! It WON"T BE LONG NOW!

Romy Malloy is COMING AT YA!


OMG... did I really just let out a little girl squeal?





Friday, August 16, 2013

Area 51 and a Dutch mission to Mars

Folks, get ready for a major paradigm shift. I have already shifted.

A couple of things happened across my path recently that pretty much shattered my notion of reality.

No, they haven’t found Bigfoot or the Loch Ness monster, and no Honey Boo Boo is still thought of as a popular show though I have no clue why.

The cool things, the things that took me and picked me up and shook me around like a snow-globe in the hands of an OCD sufferer…

1.  The CIA has admitted that Area 51 exists.
2. And 2, the Dutch have planned a manned mission to Mars.

As if the CIA admitting that Area 51 exists weren't enough the Dutch had to go and throw the whole Mars thing at me. I mean the Dutch… really??? WTF???

Save me a seat...
The Russians I could see… the Chinese certainly… the Japanese maybe and who knows maybe even India or Pakistan.

But the Dutch???

Believe it. Here’s the link.

The first line on the “About…” page says:
“Mars One is a not-for-profit foundation that will establish a permanent human settlement on Mars in 2023.

Holy poop!


That seems rather ambitious to me, even more so coming from a country only famous for ovens, wooden shoes and dikes (no not that kind you idiot! The barrier holding back water kind… sheesh!@!!!”

Now, the Area 51 thing has me equally flummoxed I must say.

Suffice it to say I wonder what the CIA is up to, you know?

Kinda like a used car salesman (no offense if that’s what you do… I mean , come on! Can you even get offended??)… But a car salesman never tells you one thing without realizing a benefit. Never let a secret out until you have to.

So, what is the CIA up to? What could be the purpose of revealing the truth NOW, after all these years of keeping it secret?

Perhaps they are planning a BIG ANNOUNCEMENT.

You know, THE big announcement.

As Woody Harrelson said in the movie 2012 as he watched Yellowstone blow up in his face: “I have chills people!”

Yep, and about then he was knocked to his plumbers-crack-peek-a-boo-ass as a land mass the size of a small island in the Pacific crashed into him.

Is that what’s coming for Earth? A giant admission followed by a not so peaceful invasion?

Who knows folks… but the TRUTH is out there!

Later… er… hopefully…


Tuesday, June 18, 2013



Hello. My name is Paul Philip Carter.

I am a writer. Have been for almost ten years.

Yep. 10 years...

It is possible, in fact almost probable that many of you reading this already know me and know these things about me.

But hey... it’s been a while and I figured that maybe, JUST maybe there were some of you lucky few who are stumbling upon this blog for the very first time and as noobs need to have a bit of an explanation about what you are viewing and reading so that you don’t get confused and subsequently miss out on most or even (God forbid) ALL of the wonderful nuggets of information that can be harvested from this particular part of the Multiverse.

First, let’s just get this out of the way up front.


Tough titties if you don’t. I don’t even care if they are grammatically correct or not! I like the way a long run on sentence SOUNDS. It conveys an excited, excitable, breathless kind of ADD type behavior that just SCREAMS out loud and proud “Listen to me!”

Or, BITE ME... depending on your particular preconceived notions about run-ons.

But now on to the meat of things...

Thanks to Lynn Kelley via WANA Commons

Heehee... sorry, bit of a side note here. Only a few paragraphs in and already I have found myself chuckling like a middle-schooler at two of the words I have written.

Did you see them? Did you laugh?

OK... for the uninitiated let me point the words out: First was the word “NUGGETS”. Ha ha... ha... HA HA HA HA!

Good LORD I love that word.

The other word?

No it’s NOT titties! Sheez guys come on! Get your heads out! That’s WAY too obvious!

No, the other word that tickled my gills and got me chuckling is... (drumroll please...) “MEAT”.

Ha ha ha ha...wheezzeee... bwhaaaahaaahaahaa!

Nuggets and meat. Two of the BEST words in the English language. And there are MANY more believe me! I might just point them out on occasion, so yea, you have THAT to look forward to.

Anyway... on to the meat of... ha! Sheez STOP IT!

On to the main thesis of this post. (There... finally wrote that without laughing...)


As I was saying, I am a writer.

No, not “Officially” published by a so-called “Official” publisher.

I am (proud to say so) an Independent Author. A self-published purveyor of half truths and flat out lies.

I have gone the other route... writing, rewriting, querying, re-querying, summarizing, resummarizing, shooting myself in the head, and reshooting myself in the head...

What a frigging rat race that was. A multi colored spinning wheel of painted ponies all attempting to coax you to climb aboard and take a ride only to immediately buck and send you flipping through the air to fall on your ass just in time to get trampled by their tiny little hoofs that eventually prick you like a thousand little pins and leave you deflated and hopeless in your own pool of fear induced piss.

Try that route. Go ahead. You may like that sort of thing.

But then, you might ask, what have I been able to do as an independent author?

Glad you asked.

Got three books published.

Yep. Just look there to your left on the blog page and you’ll see the links to the Amazon pages.

Two are kinda sorta “help” books... for authors. And let’s just say we authors need a LOT of help. Mental help, mostly, but you’ll have to take care of that on your own!

My books are only marginally “helpful”. If you get some kind of benefit from reading them then GOOD! But really the books are meant to be more of a way for writers who read it to get a sense that they are not the ONLY freaky ass people out there trying to write a book.

Yep. There’s a few of us just the same as you.

My other book is a fantasy. No, not THAT kind of fantasy you sick twisted freak.... ugg (shiver).

It’s a book about magic. But more so, it too is a book that at its core conveys the message that “You are not alone.”

Read it. Read them all. Hey, they AIN’T expensive or anything. Just give them a try!


So, back to the blog itself.

My goal here is selfish really. I need to write.  A blog makes me stick to a schedule. I have to write. Therefore, as the old saying goes... practice makes perfect!

But it’s not JUST a selfish pursuit. Sure, I will blog about me, about my books, about the things I like, but I will ALSO write about writing itself. Some how-to stuff might just slip in, along with some “Why did I do THAT!” stuff as well.

There will be some cool stuff too. I LOVE to post about sci-fi stuff, real science, and current events, political, scientific, or otherwise. Not to be controversial... not at all. It’s because ALL of these things, these current events, daily happenings, etc... Are ALL fodder for my next book!

So... sit back, read, follow... and enjoy.

What else did you have to do today anyway?



Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Things that make you go hmm...

Here on the Multiverse we like to keep track of new technology, watching for the release of the latest new-fangled gadget that might be the NEXT BIG THING and capture the imaginations of everyone in the world.

Or, in this case, just capture everyone.

Today I bring to our class Show-and-Tell two stories of some new and incredible technologies that I am pretty sure will at the very least make you go “hmm”...

First, check out this way cool and super incredible and new ROBOT ARM and HAND from the folks at DARPA.

 Pretty amazing, huh?

Obviously some terrific implications and applications from this. Bionic arms, exo-skeletons, automatic arm wrestling machines you might see in bars.

Yep... the future looks bright.

Next on our list is this story about the possibility of a 3-D printer that makes... food.

Yep, you heard it right. Food!

Can you say: Star Trek Replicator?

Read full article here.

One key line from the article is this: “...the technology could be the key to feeding future generations.”

I’m sorry, I think I misheard you there... did you say FEEDING FUTURE GENERATIONS???!!!

Now I am all for improving our lot and using technology for the betterment of society and yada yada yada... But when are we going to stop this ridiculous charade of micro-management by government in the agricultural arena and let food production revert back to its original and God-intended state of the free market?

Why don’t we let the farmers do their job the best way they know how and let them sell their crops at good and reasonable market prices and then let our society have REAL and NATURAL foods? Stop with all the GM stuff!

Anyway... enough ranting...

I am a huge sci-fi freak. I love the idea of space and the future and all that.

But sometimes I really do scratch my head and think of the song by C+C Music Factory... “Things that make you go hmm...”