Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Encouragement from the oddest places

OK Multiversians, I am supremely impressed with two articles discussing discoveries in the NANO world that will change, hell have ALREADY changed the course of medicine.

It’s discoveries like these that fueled the initial spark of my Culver Bishop novel EVERY PURPOSE UNDER HEAVEN. Culver Bishop is a nano/molecular/biologist who hopes to rid the world of a disease that attacks the brain and central nervous system by creating nano-nerve cells to replace and enhance the areas of the brain and nervous system affected by the disease.

The two recent discoveries listed below are the seed for future research that very well could lead to scientific discoveries such as what I envision for Culver and hopefully eradicate such diseases.

This first article refers to a 15 year old boy... yes I said 15... Who has created a new method of testing for cancer using nano-tube tech that will/has changed the world of early detection for all cancer sufferers.

Wow. Amazing what can happen when just one person, regardless of age, relentlessly pursues answers to the major issues of our times. Imagine what could happen if we all adopted the attitude and perseverance of this kid.... excuse me, this YOUNG MAN. Amazing things could happen.

Next, I refer to you an article that discusses how an electrical engineer has created a way to integrate nano-scale tools for use in engaging with bio-molecular systems. This is EXACTLY what Culver Bishop is working to do in my novel. It is just incredible when you see things that you thought only existed in your imagination actually come to fruition in REAL LIFE!!!

It’s weird... today my plan was to write a blog post to hopefully encourage writers and artists and creative types in ways to avoid the pitfalls of depression during the very real times in our lives when we feel like nothing will ever happen in our favor. Sometimes you will feel that there is no answer to the question “Why am I even doing this anymore?”

Well, in some strange way I believe that the two articles above are actually better encouragement than anything I could say and provide the answer to all the “why” questions.

Think of it like this... imagine you’re that kid, 15 years old, no one wants to listen to you, but you just KNOW you have an idea that will work if just ONE person would listen. This kid was rejected almost 200 TIMES before someone finally listened.

So come on... as a fellow writer/artist/creative type, I know we have all received a TON of rejections. Maybe even 200 or MORE. It is hard and sometimes you just want to give up. We all do. And maybe... just maybe you are not quite YET on the right track. Maybe you need to tweak things a little or maybe you need to take another turn, go down another road. But NEVER EVER EVER give up!

You CAN make it happen!

Just stop and think about that kid who created an early cancer detection device.

It finally happened for him.

And it WILL happen for you... maybe not exactly how you dreamed it at first... but it will.

So... be open and ready for it.



Tuesday, January 29, 2013

The Drought and Culver Bishop

It’s raining.

And that’s a big deal, at least it is here in the Midwest. See, we’ve been in drought, or near drought conditions for quite a while here.  And it looks like we still will be for quite some time.

A slow burn...

 I know, I know... a lot of you will say “So what?”

Heartless bastards.

I will tell you so what... if we continue on with this drought, some crazy stuff might just happen.

Just take a look at my “in development” novel EVERY PURPOSE UNDER HEAVEN. I will put the SO WHAT of the drought in terms Culver Bishop, and maybe you too, will understand.

The year is 2048.

America’s economy has been in decline since the Great Recession of 2008, which lasted well into the 2020’s and then cycled into the New Depression that has persisted since.

Drought and famine have destroyed many of America’s allies and has severely affected the GDP and future growth projections of the American economy. Multi-trillion dollar deficits, and subsequent defaults of not only America but also every other major industrialized nation of the world resulted in the shutdown of most global trade. Millions of American’s have died of starvation from the drought. The Long Winter of 2035, which lasted from November 2034 until June of 2036, claimed many more millions with massive cold snaps dropping the mean temperature into the teens and lasting for months. Protests, demonstrations, and food riots are like a plague sweeping the country.

As a result of famines and starvation, and purportedly in order to preserve the historical artifacts and centers of government, the Science Council (the ruling party of the Technocratic government) ordered the construction of giant walls around every major city and state capitol, un-scalable, inaccessible, rendering those areas populated only by those upon whom the government has bestowed “citizenship”. All others outside the City walls are known only as the “populace”.

Presidential term limits were suspended after the destruction of Detroit in a nuclear blast set off by terrorists in 2029. The technocratic government has been in control since then, focusing solely on science and technology as the savior of the economy and the country. All other pursuits are considered secondary, and many formerly prosperous industries have been totally abandoned.

The Citizens and the populace, under secret orders of the government, are ingesting a mind altering drug called “Euphoria”, a synthetic drug that engenders docility and servitude, and is virtually undetectable, with little to no side-effects. This drug is dispensed via the public water system, and almost all are unaware of this practice. Those who are aware, no longer care.

Under a two-class socioeconomic system, the wealthy and the desolate, religions have fractured into hundreds of breakaway sects. But one religion has been forged, the largest in the world, headed by a charismatic leader who has succeeded in drawing into his flock people from all religions, with only one common goal: the destruction of the government’s ideals of Science as the savior.

Into this world, Culver Bishop was born.

Genetically preferred, brilliantly gifted from a young age, focused on the eradication of a brain wasting disease afflicting millions, Culver Bishop has been chosen as a Citizen. Privileged, pampered, expected to perform, all of Culver’s endeavors are closely monitored and directed by the Science Council and all her efforts are considered Council achievements. Individuality is discouraged.

Individuality is anti-people.

In reality, deep in her mind and her heart where no one else can hear her thoughts, Culver only wants to find a cure to save her mother. And, if Culver develops the same disease through some genetically engendered cellular malfunction, maybe she will save herself.

Others, however, want this cure only for themselves. They would let the populace waste away. Culver Bishop will be spared, as long as she continues to perform and achieve success with her experiments to eliminate the disease.

If she chooses instead to stop her work, or if she insists on sharing the results of her work with the populace and everyone else...



Thursday, January 24, 2013

Updates and outtakes

Hello folks. Thought today would be a good day to provide you with an update on where my projects stand and give you a little insight into my research for Culver Bishop and provide an update/filler/outtake that might interest you. It will FOR SURE benefit me because research is great, but writing what you have learned into your works in a believable and understandable fashion can sometimes come across wonky.

And as they say, practice makes perfect. So, yea...

First, an update.

Romy Malloy’s BRILLIANT DISGUISE is almost, just about, damn near, pert near, pretty close, very nearly about to be released. I know I say this about once every two weeks or so, give or take, but I mean it folks. We are ALMOST there. So bear with me just a little bit longer. How much longer? Just a little bit longer.

And all you PLOTTERS of CANTAERA fans... book TWO is (done of course) but I will be deciding on a release date very soon too. Not long after I release Romy Malloy’s first I will be working immediately to set the date for the next PLOTTERS release. Very exciting year 2013 is to be shaping up to. Yoda. Giggitty.

There’s the update. And now for the outtake.

While all that I mentioned above is going on I am also working on my next novel, Culver Bishop’s EVERY PURPOSE UNDER HEAVEN.


 As you may know this is a straight up sci-fi story in a more traditional sense in that there is real science and real space stuff and real futuristic style settings and plots that will grab you by the short hairs and take you on an adventure the likes of you have never seen before in this age or in any other age for that matter.

Yea... it’s kinda like that.

But really. There is all that. And as for the real science stuff, well... let me tell you about that.

Culver Bishop’s primary goal in life, and the sole reason she became a nano/molecular biologist/theoreticist is that she wants to find a cure for the degenerative brain/nerve disorder (similar to Alzheimer’s) her mother is afflicted with. Afraid that she too will one day succumb to the mind wasting disease, Culver has dedicated her entire life to the medicine and theoretical endeavors specifically in the fields related to this disease.

Because I am not a scientist nor doctor nor theoretician of medical methodology in any way shape or form, I have to find a way to learn enough about diseases and the medicinal hoped for cures to make my writing sound at the very least believable.

To that end I find myself quite often perusing scientific and medical journals and articles online as well as physics articles, space, chemistry, technology, etc etc, all with the hope of finding some small kernels of truth or insight with which I can twist Culver’s story to a more realistic bent.

Today I found two such articles.

(Before I go further, I would like to offer my condolences to anyone who has a family member or loved one afflicted with any type disease or condition similar to what I write about here. What I am writing is in no way meant to demean or belittle the complications you are facing. Truly, my thoughts and prayers are with you.)

First, I found an article that discusses Alzheimer's specifically, and particularly how the protein Abeta forms in clumps in the brain which causes plague to build and destroys neurons, lessening brain functionality.

In my story, Culver Bishop's experiments focus on the methods to help the brain STOP the advancement of the brain wasting disease.

If by using her specially created NANO nerve cells to layer the possible areas where Abeta forms with a new layer of NANO nerve/brain cells that can DETRACT the Abeta protein, then her experiments will be much more realistic AND have a valid reason for needing LEO gravity to complete the testing.

The next article is related to a new NANO experiment in which NANO silicon particles are used in experiments meant to facilitate the componential breakdown of water for use in hydrogen fuel creation scenarios. NANO silicon particles are better at splitting the atoms of water than are typical bulk silicon particles and much better than other NANO elements.

The work in this area of NANO science might be helpful to make Culver's discussions about the creation of new nerve/brain cells sound more realistic by giving her a specific portion of her work to discuss, such as HOW she plans on making her NANO nerve cells do the actual work to STOP the clumping of the Abeta proteins.
If she can somehow utilize the advantages of the NANO silicon particles ability to separate the components of water and transfer that ability to allowing the brain cells/nerve cells to DETRACT the Abeta proteins more successfully, then the clumping of Abeta and the plague buildup may never occur.

And so, there you have it. An update and an outtake.

I really hope you like this sort of thing. In my mind I imagine that other writers may see what I do as far as my research and writing processes go and use it to help on their own work as well.

Or, you other writers may read this and have other opinions, such as “Hey dummy! There’s a MUCH better way to accomplish what you are trying to do!”

If so... then out with it you big dolt! Don’t watch me waste any more time! I know it’s a good laugh but SHEEZ! Come on man!




Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Something compels me...

Recommended reading...
 Hey folks...

Quick blog post here. I follow Kristen Lamb and Chuck Wendig, two great writers who both somehow still have the time to blog and write stuff that actually helps other writers and so on and so forth.

Anywho... today they have somehow both posted some glorious bloggy type stuff replete with whipped topping and sprinkles and, and, and...

Well you'll just have to read the blogs to get the rest. Today's posts were SO good I felt compelled to tell all you Multiversians about them.

First up is the always kind Kristen Lamb.

Today's post from Kristen focuses on the simple fact that at some time or other you are going to get punked... someone is going to steal your stuff or do other crappy stuff that makes you look bad. Just don't hand them the knives with which they stab you in the back.

As Kristen states in the opening:
I tend to be a Naive Nell. I feel one of my best qualities is I see the best in everyone. What’s my greatest weakness? I see the best in everyone. I also like to give new people opportunities. I know that without people like Candy Havens, Bob Mayer, Les Edgerton, James Scott Bell, Agent Laurie McLean and others, I wouldn’t be where I am, which is an AWESOME place, namely because you guys are here.
This said, I like to pay it forward. Ah, but paying it forward can bite back, and I’ve been bitten way more times than I care to admit.

Check out the whole enchilada here:

Next up is Mr. Chuck Wendig. Now be very clear here... enter at your own risk! Chuck is great, but his writing is more for folks of the ADULT persuasion.

But today's post about MATTRESSES is hi-freaking-larious!

As Chuck himself says:
Four years ago, we bought a mattress.
We did as everyone suggests: we went to the store, camped out on it for a little while.
The saleslady of course just hovered like a hummingbird, staring at us while we tried out the new bed. I don’t know if she thought were going to try to do the rumpy-pumpy or something, but she just stood there. Staring and frittering. Still, the test totally worked.

Check out the rest of Chuck's missive on mattresses here:

That's all! Now... Go Forth and Multiverseiply!



Tuesday, January 22, 2013

From Neanderthal to Asteroid Mining

It just can’t get any weirder than this.

According to the German news site Spiegel, scientist George Church wants to hook up with an adventurous woman for the sole purpose of making a Neanderthal baby.

Nice top-knot dude!
I guess that’s one way to impress the ladies.

Can you imagine this guy’s eHarmony page bio?

Shy sciency-type seeks out-going/wild kinda girl to hook up, maybe dance a little, dinner champagne and then maybe back to my lab for a little in-vitro fertilization of 30,000 year old Cave Man sperm.

I bet the girls are breaking down the door to get to this guy.

But you know what? If you stop and think for a minute it doesn’t take a lot to imagine that some woman from our mentally deficient society awash with reality shows like Girls Gone Wild, Suicide Girls, Pretty Girls, Honey Boo-Boo and many many more shows which expand the human psyche wouldn’t just literally JUMP at the chance to be the one to carry to term the first ever GragNok the Cave Boy.

I don’t know... to me this sounds awful.

Sorry Mr. Scientist, but didn’t you watch the movie Jurassic Park? Do you NOT remember what happens at the end? Umm... to summarize... the science project ATE the scientists! (OK, well they didn’t eat the scientist exactly... but they did gulp down the blood sucking lawyer and one evil fat dude with a sweet Barbasol shaving cream can gizmo out to make a buck off the whole thing because his computer coding prowess didn’t quite pay the bills the way he thought it would).

Anyway... this whole idea smacks of being a BAD idea.

It’s a good thing that not all scientists are looking into the annals of history to make a name for themselves.

Case in point, Deep Space Industries; a company looking to make a few Battlestar Cubits off of mining the crap that comes out of asteroids. (Listen... do yourself a favor... click on this next link, even if you don’t give a rat’s ass about this idea... because the first picture on the web page is AWESOME!!!)

Here is the link to the company:

And here is the link to the article:

Deep Space Industries

 I don’t know about you, and really I do not care if you do or not, but I LOVE this kind of stuff!

Think about it... what if this works? What if they are able to set up mining stations on some asteroids and bingo bango they find some really cool stuff, maybe even they find some new kind of material that works even better as a deep space fuel and we are able to design better, longer lasting and longer travelling space vehicles that allow us to traverse the stars and discover new planets and maybe just maybe even new worlds like our own where there is water and life and we can GO there???!!

Wouldn’t that be fantastic??!! And come on... the CEO’s last name is GUMP! Gump, people! Just like his cousin Forrest... this guy HAS to make it! It’s in the family blood line to somehow always be in the right place at the right time!

Well... anyway... I think it would be awesome. Put me down for the first available ticket for civilians because just thinking about travelling to another world that can sustain life just like ours makes me giddy all over.

And so we come full circle... from a Neanderthal baby making stud all the way to space mining by a guy related to Forrest Gump. Not so much of a stretch as you thought at first, huh?