Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Encouragement from the oddest places

OK Multiversians, I am supremely impressed with two articles discussing discoveries in the NANO world that will change, hell have ALREADY changed the course of medicine.

It’s discoveries like these that fueled the initial spark of my Culver Bishop novel EVERY PURPOSE UNDER HEAVEN. Culver Bishop is a nano/molecular/biologist who hopes to rid the world of a disease that attacks the brain and central nervous system by creating nano-nerve cells to replace and enhance the areas of the brain and nervous system affected by the disease.

The two recent discoveries listed below are the seed for future research that very well could lead to scientific discoveries such as what I envision for Culver and hopefully eradicate such diseases.

This first article refers to a 15 year old boy... yes I said 15... Who has created a new method of testing for cancer using nano-tube tech that will/has changed the world of early detection for all cancer sufferers.

Wow. Amazing what can happen when just one person, regardless of age, relentlessly pursues answers to the major issues of our times. Imagine what could happen if we all adopted the attitude and perseverance of this kid.... excuse me, this YOUNG MAN. Amazing things could happen.

Next, I refer to you an article that discusses how an electrical engineer has created a way to integrate nano-scale tools for use in engaging with bio-molecular systems. This is EXACTLY what Culver Bishop is working to do in my novel. It is just incredible when you see things that you thought only existed in your imagination actually come to fruition in REAL LIFE!!!

It’s weird... today my plan was to write a blog post to hopefully encourage writers and artists and creative types in ways to avoid the pitfalls of depression during the very real times in our lives when we feel like nothing will ever happen in our favor. Sometimes you will feel that there is no answer to the question “Why am I even doing this anymore?”

Well, in some strange way I believe that the two articles above are actually better encouragement than anything I could say and provide the answer to all the “why” questions.

Think of it like this... imagine you’re that kid, 15 years old, no one wants to listen to you, but you just KNOW you have an idea that will work if just ONE person would listen. This kid was rejected almost 200 TIMES before someone finally listened.

So come on... as a fellow writer/artist/creative type, I know we have all received a TON of rejections. Maybe even 200 or MORE. It is hard and sometimes you just want to give up. We all do. And maybe... just maybe you are not quite YET on the right track. Maybe you need to tweak things a little or maybe you need to take another turn, go down another road. But NEVER EVER EVER give up!

You CAN make it happen!

Just stop and think about that kid who created an early cancer detection device.

It finally happened for him.

And it WILL happen for you... maybe not exactly how you dreamed it at first... but it will.

So... be open and ready for it.



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