Friday, January 18, 2013

Freaky Friday for sports stuff

Hello Multiversians!

Regular readers of The Multiverse know that this blog is dedicated to writing posts about writing, particularly the writings of MOI, (that's moi, as in ME, not like in the MOMENT of INERTIA) like The Plotters of Cantaera, Romy Malloy, and Culver Bishop.

But I like to keep up to date on what goes on out there in the real world too. This week, specifically in the sports arena of things, there is just WAY too much going on to avoid commenting on.

I mean we all know that truth is always stranger than fiction but stuff is getting FREAKY out there! There is so much grist for the writing mill anymore!

Three cases in point:

 First I would ask you to direct your attention to the recent plight of Notre Dame's Manti Te'o:

Ok... so we ALL want to get a little love, right? And, (sorry ladies) but us guys know that there are some CRA-ZEE biotches out there ready and waiting to pounce on any one or more nice guys who they can take advantage of, get gifts from, and according to Te'o, carry on fictitious two year online relationships with and never even meet and still he calls her is "life" and dedicates whole games to her death!

They call it catfishing. Sorry, but I call BULLSHIT!

Is it just possible that someone was trying to tip the Heisman scales a little more in his favor? If I'm wrong I'm wrong but, as they say on ESPN or where ever the hell they say it... COME ON MAN!

So, in commemoration to Te'o's lost but seemingly imaginary love, I give you The Atlanta Rhythm Section and their version of IMAGINARY LOVER!

Second on my list of celebrity athletes to skewer today I have Tiger woods!

I will keep this one short because it really speaks for itself. He's proposing marriage AGAIN to Elin!

WTF???!! Elin if you say yes I am going to give up on humanity forever. Ahhh... wait a minute... now I see that he is offering a $200 MILLION prenup! I get it now!! I guess all I can say is keep your 9-iron handy, you know, just in case.

And last but NOT AT ALL the least I give you Lance the Liar Armstrong!,0,2019119.story

Now, don't get me wrong... I am ALL for athletes taking whatever drug it takes to get out there and win a race or a game and bulk up and look like a wanna-be Popeye. (Come on, we all know there just had to be steroids in that can! Did you really think it was spinach???!!!)

Come clean Popeye!!!

But come on Lance! Don't be lying about it!!!

Anyway... hope you enjoyed the little diversion for today! I promise that next week I will get back on the sci-fi and science and fantasy posts... wouldn't want to keep you waiting too long.



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