Tuesday, January 22, 2013

From Neanderthal to Asteroid Mining

It just can’t get any weirder than this.

According to the German news site Spiegel, scientist George Church wants to hook up with an adventurous woman for the sole purpose of making a Neanderthal baby.

Nice top-knot dude!
I guess that’s one way to impress the ladies.

Can you imagine this guy’s eHarmony page bio?

Shy sciency-type seeks out-going/wild kinda girl to hook up, maybe dance a little, dinner champagne and then maybe back to my lab for a little in-vitro fertilization of 30,000 year old Cave Man sperm.

I bet the girls are breaking down the door to get to this guy.

But you know what? If you stop and think for a minute it doesn’t take a lot to imagine that some woman from our mentally deficient society awash with reality shows like Girls Gone Wild, Suicide Girls, Pretty Girls, Honey Boo-Boo and many many more shows which expand the human psyche wouldn’t just literally JUMP at the chance to be the one to carry to term the first ever GragNok the Cave Boy.

I don’t know... to me this sounds awful.

Sorry Mr. Scientist, but didn’t you watch the movie Jurassic Park? Do you NOT remember what happens at the end? Umm... to summarize... the science project ATE the scientists! (OK, well they didn’t eat the scientist exactly... but they did gulp down the blood sucking lawyer and one evil fat dude with a sweet Barbasol shaving cream can gizmo out to make a buck off the whole thing because his computer coding prowess didn’t quite pay the bills the way he thought it would).

Anyway... this whole idea smacks of being a BAD idea.

It’s a good thing that not all scientists are looking into the annals of history to make a name for themselves.

Case in point, Deep Space Industries; a company looking to make a few Battlestar Cubits off of mining the crap that comes out of asteroids. (Listen... do yourself a favor... click on this next link, even if you don’t give a rat’s ass about this idea... because the first picture on the web page is AWESOME!!!)

Here is the link to the company: http://deepspaceindustries.com/

And here is the link to the Space.com article: http://www.space.com/19368-asteroid-mining-deep-space-industries.html

Deep Space Industries

 I don’t know about you, and really I do not care if you do or not, but I LOVE this kind of stuff!

Think about it... what if this works? What if they are able to set up mining stations on some asteroids and bingo bango they find some really cool stuff, maybe even they find some new kind of material that works even better as a deep space fuel and we are able to design better, longer lasting and longer travelling space vehicles that allow us to traverse the stars and discover new planets and maybe just maybe even new worlds like our own where there is water and life and we can GO there???!!

Wouldn’t that be fantastic??!! And come on... the CEO’s last name is GUMP! Gump, people! Just like his cousin Forrest... this guy HAS to make it! It’s in the family blood line to somehow always be in the right place at the right time!

Well... anyway... I think it would be awesome. Put me down for the first available ticket for civilians because just thinking about travelling to another world that can sustain life just like ours makes me giddy all over.

And so we come full circle... from a Neanderthal baby making stud all the way to space mining by a guy related to Forrest Gump. Not so much of a stretch as you thought at first, huh?



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