Thursday, January 17, 2013

Quantum teleportation

Today we Multiversians are in for a real treat.

Come along with me as we delve deep into the depths of the world of Quantum Physics.

Today I read of a new breakthrough that has been achieved by quantum scientists and theoretical physicists that I believe can and will change the world as we know it. So far in the events of human history what they have achieved has only been fictional, fantasy, a feat relegated to the realms of fancy and of obscurity.

But not anymore.

What I refer to is Quantum Teleportation. With new understanding of something known as quantum entanglement, real quantum teleportation is finally here.

We're all just 1's and 0's now
 Quantum entanglement states that what happens to one particle in a pair of entangled particles, even when very far apart, will simultaneously happen to the other particle. The actual act of the transmission of the changed state is a concept better known as quantum teleportation.

This communication or transmission of effected state (the new state after a change) occurs outside of light travel. Therefore, there is no discernible way to measure or interpret this communication or transmission of state, and no way to replicate or use the same method of transportation because the communication of the state of change, the transmission or tele-transmission, happens immediately, simultaneously, with no time elapsed.

Pretty freaking incredible, right?

But, if there is no way to see or gauge or figure out how the transmission of information occurs, what then?

Imagine then, if instead of the method of transmission, the state of entanglement could be measured, analyzed, interpreted, and then... reproduced. Then we would have something! We would then understand the way the relationship of entanglement causes the instant sharing of information. Communication, transmission of effective state of change, thought... all these things would be known, immediately, between the two objects of any entangled pair.

The method of transmission is then a moot point, irrelevant. The relationship, the parameters of the entanglement between the pair are all that matters. If we can capture the elements of the entanglement and reproduce them to work between any and all entanglement relationships, then all possibilities are open to us. Instant communications networks; real physical teleportation; faster than light travel because there IS no real travel; perhaps even TIME TRAVEL; all of these things are no longer just theoretical, they are and will be instantly possible, and in fact REAL.

Quantum scientists have already demonstrated that quantum teleportation, the transmission of effected state, definitively works between single photons, between a photon and matter, and between single ions.

Now, they have demonstrated and proven that quantum teleportation works between actual paired remote macroscopic atomic ensembles the size of about 1 mm.

To be very clear about this, scientist have proven that what was once only a fantasy on a Sci-Fi television show is NOW IN FACT REALITY. We all know what microscopic particles are, right? These are things which cannot be viewed by the human eye, things which need an enhancement device such as a microscope in order to be viewed. So then, a macroscopic particle is then something that can be viewed directly with the human eye.

Scotty knew it all along!
Real objects, objects that you and I can both see with our naked eyes, are currently being TRANSPORTED between two remote spots somewhere on earth right now as we speak... er whatever you know what I mean.

Now, why on earth are we talking about this here on The Multiverse? I mean, so what, right?

Two reasons: Romy Malloy and Culver Bishop.

First, in Romy Malloy’s world, this specific type of knowledge would be very important to someone like Peter Abbott. Romy would be interested to know more about this science too, if only to advance her knowledge of her romantic interest, Peter Abbott. But to Abbott, who uses a type of teleportation to traverse the distances between his universe and ours, the knowledge that these experiments were being conducted on “our side” would be of particular concern. The ability to travel between dimensions is something that is watched very closely and, with any luck, a new treaty between the dimensions will bolster the attentiveness of the folks on “our side”, specifically the “Inter Dimensional Police”, and give officers like our Detective Marks a much needed boost in information gathering and detection so that he can more effectively monitor such travel. Those in Abbott’s dimension in charge of hammering out this treaty would need to know the exact tools and devices that scientists on “our side” are using so that the analysis and detection devices they share with us can be calibrated to sense these new fluctuations in power differentials.

Secondly, for Culver Bishop, the science of Quantum Physics is well within the auspices of her work. Specifically, Culver practices in the field of Nano-Physics, a field that focuses on an even smaller faction of particles that are the building blocks for quantum physics and technologies. But, learning of the teleportation experiments that the scientists in the articles above are performing would greatly interest Culver because parts of her nano-nerve experiments involve the need for instant communications between specific nano-nerve cells. Because Culver exists in our future world, the science of Quantum Teleportation may already be a matured field, which would give Culver a much broader launching point and better chance of success with her trials.

Now, tell me all you fellow Multiversians out there who braved this in-depth subject with me and are still here reading and have not yet fallen asleep... WHAT DO YOU THINK ABOUT ALL THIS?

Does this interest you?

Or is it just a bunch of hoo-ha that you would have been better off never reading about?

Why don’t you tell me about it? Believe it or not... I love to hear from you!

Leave a remark below and I will send a you an instant Quantum Message straight to your brain... because as you will learn, leaving remarks below will cause our brains to immediately become an entangled pair capable of instant sharing of information!

Are you ready for this??!!!




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