Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Romy Malloy teaser

Hey... I know!

How about a little from my very soon to be published upcoming debut novel featuring Romy Malloy and titled BRILLIANT DISGUISE!

Won't that be grand??!!

Here. It. Is.

“And who are you?” Marks asked, though it was not really a question. The babe flicked her head to get the hair out of her eyes and put a hand on her hip. Marks allowed his eyes to travel down her, slowly, telling himself he was only looking for weapons.
“I work here,” she said smacking her gum.
“Name?” Marks clicked the tip of the ball point as he flipped the notepad back open. He gave the babe an expressionless look when she said nothing.
“Tell him, Candy,” the one named Romy said. “He’s a cop and showed up just in time to shoo off a couple of bad looking guys from the door.”
The one named Candy squinted. Her toy just stood there with hardly any expression. Ecstasy, Marks figured.
“Gotta badge?” the babe-dominatrix said.
Marks tried not to roll his eyes. But not much. He reached in his pocket and grabbed his ID case, making sure to pull his coat back far enough to reveal the Beretta 92 holstered at his side. Standard issue, since he wasn’t big on hobby, but effective, and that’s what counted. As long as he could make it do what he wanted. He flashed the badge just long enough to let her focus, then whisked it shut.
“Name?” he said again.
“Candace Covey,” the babe spouted and Marks wondered if she knew that she sounded exactly the same as the ten dollar hookers he regularly cased on the west side. Probably. Tough chicks like her always liked to pretend.
“And you work here?” Marks asked as he glanced at the toy with her.
“Aren’t you a clever one?” the one called Candy said. “I do work here, as I already stated, and I have an urgent need to get an update from my boss about the work I do here.”
She gave a tug on the chain and Marks noticed it was attached to a studded collar around the guy’s neck. Sicko’s.
“So if you do not mind?” she said and walked around the corner toward a small conference room with the toy in tow like a lab pup near the end of force fetch training. Marks had to admit the tight leather did look good on her.
   “Sorry,” Dr. Malloy said and gave him a shy smile. He nodded, and she followed the others into the conference room. Marks decided that, even with the sexy getup, the one named Romy looked a hell of a lot prettier than the babe. Just cleaner, really. Still, Marks wondered what the babe would look like without all the leather.

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