Wednesday, January 23, 2013

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 Hey folks...

Quick blog post here. I follow Kristen Lamb and Chuck Wendig, two great writers who both somehow still have the time to blog and write stuff that actually helps other writers and so on and so forth.

Anywho... today they have somehow both posted some glorious bloggy type stuff replete with whipped topping and sprinkles and, and, and...

Well you'll just have to read the blogs to get the rest. Today's posts were SO good I felt compelled to tell all you Multiversians about them.

First up is the always kind Kristen Lamb.

Today's post from Kristen focuses on the simple fact that at some time or other you are going to get punked... someone is going to steal your stuff or do other crappy stuff that makes you look bad. Just don't hand them the knives with which they stab you in the back.

As Kristen states in the opening:
I tend to be a Naive Nell. I feel one of my best qualities is I see the best in everyone. What’s my greatest weakness? I see the best in everyone. I also like to give new people opportunities. I know that without people like Candy Havens, Bob Mayer, Les Edgerton, James Scott Bell, Agent Laurie McLean and others, I wouldn’t be where I am, which is an AWESOME place, namely because you guys are here.
This said, I like to pay it forward. Ah, but paying it forward can bite back, and I’ve been bitten way more times than I care to admit.

Check out the whole enchilada here:

Next up is Mr. Chuck Wendig. Now be very clear here... enter at your own risk! Chuck is great, but his writing is more for folks of the ADULT persuasion.

But today's post about MATTRESSES is hi-freaking-larious!

As Chuck himself says:
Four years ago, we bought a mattress.
We did as everyone suggests: we went to the store, camped out on it for a little while.
The saleslady of course just hovered like a hummingbird, staring at us while we tried out the new bed. I don’t know if she thought were going to try to do the rumpy-pumpy or something, but she just stood there. Staring and frittering. Still, the test totally worked.

Check out the rest of Chuck's missive on mattresses here:

That's all! Now... Go Forth and Multiverseiply!



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