Tuesday, January 29, 2013

The Drought and Culver Bishop

It’s raining.

And that’s a big deal, at least it is here in the Midwest. See, we’ve been in drought, or near drought conditions for quite a while here.  And it looks like we still will be for quite some time.

A slow burn...

 I know, I know... a lot of you will say “So what?”

Heartless bastards.

I will tell you so what... if we continue on with this drought, some crazy stuff might just happen.

Just take a look at my “in development” novel EVERY PURPOSE UNDER HEAVEN. I will put the SO WHAT of the drought in terms Culver Bishop, and maybe you too, will understand.

The year is 2048.

America’s economy has been in decline since the Great Recession of 2008, which lasted well into the 2020’s and then cycled into the New Depression that has persisted since.

Drought and famine have destroyed many of America’s allies and has severely affected the GDP and future growth projections of the American economy. Multi-trillion dollar deficits, and subsequent defaults of not only America but also every other major industrialized nation of the world resulted in the shutdown of most global trade. Millions of American’s have died of starvation from the drought. The Long Winter of 2035, which lasted from November 2034 until June of 2036, claimed many more millions with massive cold snaps dropping the mean temperature into the teens and lasting for months. Protests, demonstrations, and food riots are like a plague sweeping the country.

As a result of famines and starvation, and purportedly in order to preserve the historical artifacts and centers of government, the Science Council (the ruling party of the Technocratic government) ordered the construction of giant walls around every major city and state capitol, un-scalable, inaccessible, rendering those areas populated only by those upon whom the government has bestowed “citizenship”. All others outside the City walls are known only as the “populace”.

Presidential term limits were suspended after the destruction of Detroit in a nuclear blast set off by terrorists in 2029. The technocratic government has been in control since then, focusing solely on science and technology as the savior of the economy and the country. All other pursuits are considered secondary, and many formerly prosperous industries have been totally abandoned.

The Citizens and the populace, under secret orders of the government, are ingesting a mind altering drug called “Euphoria”, a synthetic drug that engenders docility and servitude, and is virtually undetectable, with little to no side-effects. This drug is dispensed via the public water system, and almost all are unaware of this practice. Those who are aware, no longer care.

Under a two-class socioeconomic system, the wealthy and the desolate, religions have fractured into hundreds of breakaway sects. But one religion has been forged, the largest in the world, headed by a charismatic leader who has succeeded in drawing into his flock people from all religions, with only one common goal: the destruction of the government’s ideals of Science as the savior.

Into this world, Culver Bishop was born.

Genetically preferred, brilliantly gifted from a young age, focused on the eradication of a brain wasting disease afflicting millions, Culver Bishop has been chosen as a Citizen. Privileged, pampered, expected to perform, all of Culver’s endeavors are closely monitored and directed by the Science Council and all her efforts are considered Council achievements. Individuality is discouraged.

Individuality is anti-people.

In reality, deep in her mind and her heart where no one else can hear her thoughts, Culver only wants to find a cure to save her mother. And, if Culver develops the same disease through some genetically engendered cellular malfunction, maybe she will save herself.

Others, however, want this cure only for themselves. They would let the populace waste away. Culver Bishop will be spared, as long as she continues to perform and achieve success with her experiments to eliminate the disease.

If she chooses instead to stop her work, or if she insists on sharing the results of her work with the populace and everyone else...



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