Thursday, January 24, 2013

Updates and outtakes

Hello folks. Thought today would be a good day to provide you with an update on where my projects stand and give you a little insight into my research for Culver Bishop and provide an update/filler/outtake that might interest you. It will FOR SURE benefit me because research is great, but writing what you have learned into your works in a believable and understandable fashion can sometimes come across wonky.

And as they say, practice makes perfect. So, yea...

First, an update.

Romy Malloy’s BRILLIANT DISGUISE is almost, just about, damn near, pert near, pretty close, very nearly about to be released. I know I say this about once every two weeks or so, give or take, but I mean it folks. We are ALMOST there. So bear with me just a little bit longer. How much longer? Just a little bit longer.

And all you PLOTTERS of CANTAERA fans... book TWO is (done of course) but I will be deciding on a release date very soon too. Not long after I release Romy Malloy’s first I will be working immediately to set the date for the next PLOTTERS release. Very exciting year 2013 is to be shaping up to. Yoda. Giggitty.

There’s the update. And now for the outtake.

While all that I mentioned above is going on I am also working on my next novel, Culver Bishop’s EVERY PURPOSE UNDER HEAVEN.


 As you may know this is a straight up sci-fi story in a more traditional sense in that there is real science and real space stuff and real futuristic style settings and plots that will grab you by the short hairs and take you on an adventure the likes of you have never seen before in this age or in any other age for that matter.

Yea... it’s kinda like that.

But really. There is all that. And as for the real science stuff, well... let me tell you about that.

Culver Bishop’s primary goal in life, and the sole reason she became a nano/molecular biologist/theoreticist is that she wants to find a cure for the degenerative brain/nerve disorder (similar to Alzheimer’s) her mother is afflicted with. Afraid that she too will one day succumb to the mind wasting disease, Culver has dedicated her entire life to the medicine and theoretical endeavors specifically in the fields related to this disease.

Because I am not a scientist nor doctor nor theoretician of medical methodology in any way shape or form, I have to find a way to learn enough about diseases and the medicinal hoped for cures to make my writing sound at the very least believable.

To that end I find myself quite often perusing scientific and medical journals and articles online as well as physics articles, space, chemistry, technology, etc etc, all with the hope of finding some small kernels of truth or insight with which I can twist Culver’s story to a more realistic bent.

Today I found two such articles.

(Before I go further, I would like to offer my condolences to anyone who has a family member or loved one afflicted with any type disease or condition similar to what I write about here. What I am writing is in no way meant to demean or belittle the complications you are facing. Truly, my thoughts and prayers are with you.)

First, I found an article that discusses Alzheimer's specifically, and particularly how the protein Abeta forms in clumps in the brain which causes plague to build and destroys neurons, lessening brain functionality.

In my story, Culver Bishop's experiments focus on the methods to help the brain STOP the advancement of the brain wasting disease.

If by using her specially created NANO nerve cells to layer the possible areas where Abeta forms with a new layer of NANO nerve/brain cells that can DETRACT the Abeta protein, then her experiments will be much more realistic AND have a valid reason for needing LEO gravity to complete the testing.

The next article is related to a new NANO experiment in which NANO silicon particles are used in experiments meant to facilitate the componential breakdown of water for use in hydrogen fuel creation scenarios. NANO silicon particles are better at splitting the atoms of water than are typical bulk silicon particles and much better than other NANO elements.

The work in this area of NANO science might be helpful to make Culver's discussions about the creation of new nerve/brain cells sound more realistic by giving her a specific portion of her work to discuss, such as HOW she plans on making her NANO nerve cells do the actual work to STOP the clumping of the Abeta proteins.
If she can somehow utilize the advantages of the NANO silicon particles ability to separate the components of water and transfer that ability to allowing the brain cells/nerve cells to DETRACT the Abeta proteins more successfully, then the clumping of Abeta and the plague buildup may never occur.

And so, there you have it. An update and an outtake.

I really hope you like this sort of thing. In my mind I imagine that other writers may see what I do as far as my research and writing processes go and use it to help on their own work as well.

Or, you other writers may read this and have other opinions, such as “Hey dummy! There’s a MUCH better way to accomplish what you are trying to do!”

If so... then out with it you big dolt! Don’t watch me waste any more time! I know it’s a good laugh but SHEEZ! Come on man!




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