Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Sick of all the crappy news? Then get CREATIVE!

I gotta tell ya I am SICK of all the crappy news. That’s all we hear anymore. It’s been the same, day in and day out since 2008, an echo chamber of contradictory slinging monkey feces that never ceases 24-7 365 days a freaking year!

Hey... that's my poop! (image courtesy Shannon Esposito WANA Commons) 

The economy’s gonna tank. The economy’s getting better.

Europe’s gonna fail. Europe’s all fine.

Iran’s gonna attack Israel. Israel’s gonna attack Iran.

They’re coming for our guns. They’re stockpiling guns to come after us.

There’s gonna be a new Pope. The new Pope is gay.

I tell ya, I am SICK OF THIS CRAP!

As an artist, a writer, a creative type, this type of news is sometimes and quite often GOOD to hear, fodder for the muse, a 72 ounce can of Red-Freaking-Bull-Nuclear-Brain-Booster-Bunker-Buster-One-Way-Ticket-To-Imaganation Land!

Yea, it’s kinda like that. News tweaks the nerves that spew the juice that makes us write what we write.

But sometimes, and for me lately it’s more and more frequent, the news Just. Starts. To. Suck.

So, what’s a poor boy to do?

I’ll tell you what to do.

Get creative.

When the news or the world or the things that you typically use to get the juices flowing start to suck, STOP SUCKING AND START WRITING!

Hey, didn’t some cool guy write a book named something like that?

Why yes... yes he did. Get it here: http://www.amazon.com/dp/B007QDXHIG

But that’s not even what I am talking about. (OK, go buy the book... whatever... it’s only $0.99)

No, what I really mean is that when the world gets you down use your imagination to create a world that doesn’t get you down!

Write a new world.

Make new characters who always do the right thing. Make a country where there are never any bailouts, there’s no unemployment, there’s no hunger, a land where the Attorney General never says that a particular company is too big to prosecute so we’ll just ignore all the corrupt and illegal things they have done.

My point is that we do not always have to write about negative stuff.

We can be POSITIVE too!

We can create a world that has ALL the things we could wish there ever could be in our world.

Life isn’t Doom and Gloom ALL the time, even though much of the media coverage of news would have you believe it is.

But let’s get real... I am NOT saying that you SHOULD write stuff that is unrealistically positive or write stuff that ignores reality completely.

But if that’s what floats your boat then DO IT!

I’m just saying don’t let the MAN get you DOWN!

When the world hands you piles of slinging monkey feces make Poop Pies.



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