Monday, March 11, 2013

The thin veneer we call “civility”

There is a covering over life, a thin veneer we call civility that allows us all a margin of neutrality in which we execute the daily rituals we must perform to allow our survival. That thin veneer makes these rituals palatable and gives us the capability to label the collection of those actions as LIFE.

Quite often though the veneer cracks and we get a moment (and sometimes more) when we are able to gaze beneath and see the true workings of the mind and the spirits which drive us.

Image courtesy Dave R. Farmer WANA Commons

It’s easy to get tired, to find yourself mired in the day-to-day, to become weary beyond belief at the constant and repetitive nature of the tasks we assign ourselves that we come to believe are necessary and required to maintain our lifestyles.

Internally it is common and perhaps even necessary to allow the civil veneer to fracture so that we can look inside, examine our morals and our intended direction to ensure we are still on the expected path.

It is quite another story altogether when that veneer cracks in public.

Recently my wife experienced an incident in which a man who had (supposedly) recently lost his job came into her place of business threatening others and eventually wielding a gun. He seemed to want to commit suicide, or, as others suggested, to commit suicide-by-cop.

No matter what his desired end result had been, the fact that his veneer of civility cracked and exposed his dark and seedy underbelly in the way it did put many other people in harm’s way (least of all my wife, but I will not over personalize this drama.)

I understand it’s rough out there.

I know there are many millions of people losing jobs out there.

I know prices are high and seemingly getting higher on a never ending slope.

I know many feel utterly and irrevocably alone in the world and believe there is no way out and no good end to anything and what does it all matter anyway?

Folks... please, please please do not let it get so bad.

You CAN find a good way out of the mire.

When all that is left are your instincts, when it’s nothing left but survival, when the Grand Façade burns away...


There IS a tomorrow. You CAN rebuild your life, from scratch if necessary. Please folks DO NOT give up so utterly and entirely that you decide the only way out is to END IT ALL.

And DO NOT BY ANY MEANS allow it go so far that you want to hurt others or that your actions put others in danger. It is one thing to feel the pain and suffer alone, but do not inflict that on others.

Get some help!

You can GOOGLE suicide prevention and find there are NUMEROUS groups out there where you can get free counseling and other help.

Do it!

For others yes, but do it for YOU! You CAN remake your life and find a way to make this place at the least a “livable” proposition.

Good luck and God Bless.



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