Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Things that make you go hmm...

Here on the Multiverse we like to keep track of new technology, watching for the release of the latest new-fangled gadget that might be the NEXT BIG THING and capture the imaginations of everyone in the world.

Or, in this case, just capture everyone.

Today I bring to our class Show-and-Tell two stories of some new and incredible technologies that I am pretty sure will at the very least make you go “hmm”...

First, check out this way cool and super incredible and new ROBOT ARM and HAND from the folks at DARPA.

 Pretty amazing, huh?

Obviously some terrific implications and applications from this. Bionic arms, exo-skeletons, automatic arm wrestling machines you might see in bars.

Yep... the future looks bright.

Next on our list is this story about the possibility of a 3-D printer that makes... food.

Yep, you heard it right. Food!

Can you say: Star Trek Replicator?

Read full article here.

One key line from the article is this: “...the technology could be the key to feeding future generations.”

I’m sorry, I think I misheard you there... did you say FEEDING FUTURE GENERATIONS???!!!

Now I am all for improving our lot and using technology for the betterment of society and yada yada yada... But when are we going to stop this ridiculous charade of micro-management by government in the agricultural arena and let food production revert back to its original and God-intended state of the free market?

Why don’t we let the farmers do their job the best way they know how and let them sell their crops at good and reasonable market prices and then let our society have REAL and NATURAL foods? Stop with all the GM stuff!

Anyway... enough ranting...

I am a huge sci-fi freak. I love the idea of space and the future and all that.

But sometimes I really do scratch my head and think of the song by C+C Music Factory... “Things that make you go hmm...”




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