Saturday, August 31, 2013

URGENT message about changes with The Plotters of Cantaera

Hello all you Multiversians, you crazy bunch of lunatics who chance the wild boundaries of space and time to follow the ramblings of this indie author!

If you’ve been following lately you know that I have recently released my new sci-fi novel BRILLIANT DISGUISE – A ROMY MALLY NOVEL (available here:

However… there is ANOTHER major change that I want to make you aware of regarding THE PLOTTERS OF CANTAERA.

The decision has been reached, after much deliberation (and quite a few shots of Gray Goose) that PLOTTERS will no longer be a trilogy! (At least not in the current configuration)

What were to be the first three books in a supposed trilogy will NOW be ALL IN ONE BOOK!

That’s right! No need to wait for further publication!

Right now, or very soon, I think… er… let me check with my editor…

Anyway, you should be able to go get the BOOK AS ONE version on Kindle on the SAME PAGE AS BEFORE (here:

And don’t worry all you folks in the first group that already purchased it… you SHOULD be able to download the new version as an UPDATE to your original file. Just go to your favorite web browser and login to your kindle account. About half way down the front page under “Digital Content” click on “Manage Your Kindle”.  Next click on “Manage your devices” and scroll down a little to turn on “Automatic book updates”. This will allow the Kindle group to send a new version of any content to your Kindle.

BUT… first you have to EMAIL the Kindle group! I know I know I can hear you complaining now that this is all supposed to be automatic and you shouldn’t have to go through all this trouble. But hey… this is MY book we are talking about. I KNOW you want to find out what happens to William Deane and Sirana and William’s grandpa and you just HAVE to know how William handles Lord Coralis… right???!!!

Anyway… Just send an email to

In the subject put: Please send the new content for THE PLOTTERS OF CANTAERA by Paul Philip Carter

And in the body you can just cut and paste the following:

The author of The Plotters of Cantaera has notified me that there have been some major changes in the content of the novel. Can you please send to my Kindle Device the updated content?

Be patient... it took me about a week to finally get the KDP team to understand what I needed...

HOWEVER… and ONLY for folks who have ALREADY PURCHASED THE original book...if for ANY reason you find that you CANNOT get the newest version with the additional text PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE contact me here or via email and I will make DARN TOOTING SURE I send you the  new file (for Kindle versions only). My email is: paulphilipcarter(dot)author(at sign)gmail(dot)com
Since there is a LOT more content, the price has been changed to reflect that and I would NOT expect anyone who bought the book originally to have to pay again (and at a higher rate!)

So, there it is. I hope you enjoy it!



Friday, August 23, 2013

Brilliant Disguise/Romy Malloy COVER REVEAL

Hello Multiversians!

And so... the long awaited day has finally arrived!!!

The cover for Brilliant Disguise - a Romy Malloy Novel is HERE!!!

Brilliant, isn't it???!!!

My lovely and talented cover illustrator (who just so happens to be my gorgeous bride) has really outdone herself, don't you think?

She also did the cover for The Plotters of Cantaera fantasy.

Please go check out here work here, here, and here, cuz she deserves to be looked at and noticed (and she deserves better than me but DON'T TELL HER THAT! I've had her fooled for years and she can't find out now I'm really a louse!!!)

Anyway... back to Brilliant Disguise... I will be updating all my internet links and pics over the next bunch of hours and we are working the process of publishing to Kindle as we speak... er, write... so go ahead! Hold your breath! It WON"T BE LONG NOW!

Romy Malloy is COMING AT YA!


OMG... did I really just let out a little girl squeal?





Friday, August 16, 2013

Area 51 and a Dutch mission to Mars

Folks, get ready for a major paradigm shift. I have already shifted.

A couple of things happened across my path recently that pretty much shattered my notion of reality.

No, they haven’t found Bigfoot or the Loch Ness monster, and no Honey Boo Boo is still thought of as a popular show though I have no clue why.

The cool things, the things that took me and picked me up and shook me around like a snow-globe in the hands of an OCD sufferer…

1.  The CIA has admitted that Area 51 exists.
2. And 2, the Dutch have planned a manned mission to Mars.

As if the CIA admitting that Area 51 exists weren't enough the Dutch had to go and throw the whole Mars thing at me. I mean the Dutch… really??? WTF???

Save me a seat...
The Russians I could see… the Chinese certainly… the Japanese maybe and who knows maybe even India or Pakistan.

But the Dutch???

Believe it. Here’s the link.

The first line on the “About…” page says:
“Mars One is a not-for-profit foundation that will establish a permanent human settlement on Mars in 2023.

Holy poop!


That seems rather ambitious to me, even more so coming from a country only famous for ovens, wooden shoes and dikes (no not that kind you idiot! The barrier holding back water kind… sheesh!@!!!”

Now, the Area 51 thing has me equally flummoxed I must say.

Suffice it to say I wonder what the CIA is up to, you know?

Kinda like a used car salesman (no offense if that’s what you do… I mean , come on! Can you even get offended??)… But a car salesman never tells you one thing without realizing a benefit. Never let a secret out until you have to.

So, what is the CIA up to? What could be the purpose of revealing the truth NOW, after all these years of keeping it secret?

Perhaps they are planning a BIG ANNOUNCEMENT.

You know, THE big announcement.

As Woody Harrelson said in the movie 2012 as he watched Yellowstone blow up in his face: “I have chills people!”

Yep, and about then he was knocked to his plumbers-crack-peek-a-boo-ass as a land mass the size of a small island in the Pacific crashed into him.

Is that what’s coming for Earth? A giant admission followed by a not so peaceful invasion?

Who knows folks… but the TRUTH is out there!

Later… er… hopefully…