Friday, August 23, 2013

Brilliant Disguise/Romy Malloy COVER REVEAL

Hello Multiversians!

And so... the long awaited day has finally arrived!!!

The cover for Brilliant Disguise - a Romy Malloy Novel is HERE!!!

Brilliant, isn't it???!!!

My lovely and talented cover illustrator (who just so happens to be my gorgeous bride) has really outdone herself, don't you think?

She also did the cover for The Plotters of Cantaera fantasy.

Please go check out here work here, here, and here, cuz she deserves to be looked at and noticed (and she deserves better than me but DON'T TELL HER THAT! I've had her fooled for years and she can't find out now I'm really a louse!!!)

Anyway... back to Brilliant Disguise... I will be updating all my internet links and pics over the next bunch of hours and we are working the process of publishing to Kindle as we speak... er, write... so go ahead! Hold your breath! It WON"T BE LONG NOW!

Romy Malloy is COMING AT YA!


OMG... did I really just let out a little girl squeal?





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